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Since 2015 and in parallel with a full time role, Susan has been involved in the National Grid gender diversity employee resource group, becoming chair in 2016. She has the raised the profile of the gender diversity network internally through visibly aligning initiatives to the business strategy and creating a much more robust framework for the activities. Susan is committed to raising visibility of  National Grid’s gender diversity commitment externally and has presented at a Westminster Briefing, an Inclusive Employers conference and an UN Global Compact summit. Susan led National Grid’s sponsorship of a European Women in Energy Leadership Conference earlier this year in London, hosting the final panel session of the conference. Building on the success of the female Remarkable Role Model book, Susan co-led the production of a second volume to showcase role models across all minority groups at National Grid, demonstrating a broader commitment to equality. Maintaining close relationships with key partners including the Women’s Engineering Society and the POWERful women, Susan works to promote development partner opportunities to women in National Grid. This year, Susan is leading the design and delivery of a new programme to encourage men to become more active in the gender diversity debate and is mentoring two sixth formers as part of the Future Mentors programme.

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