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At each of the places she has worked, Bukola has actively championed the progression of women by ensuring that women are aware and are prepared for opportunities that exist. She sponsors the careers of several junior women within Barclays and has done the same at other banks she has worked at. She is an executive sponsor for the EMBRACE multicultural network and through this work, she speaks and acts as a champion at several inclusion events. At a previous bank, she helped design an accelerator program that saw junior women undergo training that will move them from the branch network to corporate roles in head office. She also dedicates several hours a month mentoring and advising women across Barclays. Externally, Bukola is a very vocal advocate for women progression in the workplace. She actively mentors numerous high potential women across all industry sectors. Through her work with her non-profit enterprise which was set up in 2015 to enable the career progression of women and ethnic minorities, she has been able to positively impact and inspire countless women, several of whom have gone on to change roles, negotiate better pay and outcomes and secure promotions as a result of her guidance.

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