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In her previous roles such as at UBS Investment Bank and AIG Asset Management, Carolyn has organised regular meetings where women Managing Directors or senior leaders speak to other women about their careers and listen to their female colleagues’ issues. These meetings are a great networking opportunity for more junior women to build relationships with those in senior positions. When she noticed that her firm did not have a mentoring program in place, Carolyn found mentors for her staff herself. Now at Macquarie, she is part of the steering committee of Balance EMEA, its women’s network, and continues to organise intimate ‘non-corporate’ brunches in private houses to create a strong bond between the few women working in front office, leading to better retention of female staff through support and sponsorship. Externally, Carolyn volunteers with The Girls’ Network, spending time with teenage mentees over coffee, lunch or museum and cinema trips, and inviting them to her office and introducing her to colleagues. Carolyn also volunteers both  at committee level and on the ground with the Junior League of London a women-only charity that aims to promote voluntary service, develop the potential of women and improve the London community through the effective action and leadership of its trained volunteers.

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