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Danielle has more than 15 years of experience in business development in various industries, and from the age of sixteen alongside her career, she’s always had social activities.  She’s passionate about innovation, Tech, and communications. Within her artificial intelligence and data-driven startup, Genddex, Danielle has committed to numerous initiatives to bring about gender parity. Danielle is also Co-Founder and the Leader of Parliament51 (‘P51’), a social impact venture aiming to achieve gender equality and equal opportunities for women in the workplace. Parliament51 have established a close international community of influential top executives in their fields in London, Berlin, Melbourne, Tel Aviv and New York. P51 are working with companies to narrow gender gaps through their Statement of Principles Women in the Workplace Standard, currently working with more than 50 companies in Israel and more companies abroad covering 350,000 employees. Danielle created a unique methodology called: “Design Equality”, which uses a number of innovative tools and applications including cross-company, cross-industry and cross-cultures working groups, knowledge and information sharing, guidance and mentoring. P51 works first within companies, then uses these organizations as role models for other companies and industries. Danielle mentors women extensively throughout the industry and around the globe.

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