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Sue holds a key role in defining how MediaCom evolves, and is an important part of the company’s drive to establish strong women leaders, in which MediaCom has led the industry over the last 10 years. She helped set up the “Inclusion Network” at MediaCom to ensure that the culture of inclusiveness is open to everyone. Project Blend is another new initiative at MediaCom to encourage and ensure that everyone can manage their own work life balance. She also mentors women, both within MediaCom and across their client base. One of her focuses is gender diversity at senior levels, which is why she has written and published The Glass Wall: success strategies for women at work and businesses that mean business. Since publication, she has given many talks and run workshops both at MediaCom and across their client base, for example, at Tesco, Sky and Ebay. The book has since been called the most significant addition of the year to the debate on gender diversity at work. It has been featured and extracted widely in the media including features in the Times, the FT, the Daily Mail, the Mirror, Good Housekeeping, Grazia, Mumsnet, and BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour.

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