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Starting his early career at McKinsey, Ron became very involved in various programs to develop, mentor, and retain women, and championed several women who went on to become senior partners at his firm. At State Street, he has led the corporate governance activities of State Street Global Advisors. State Street’s corporate governance research demonstrates that companies with gender diverse leadership deliver better long-term results. Therefore, in 2017 State Street issued additional principles on board gender diversity. For 2017 International Women’s Day, Ron’s team placed the Fearless Girl statue in the center of Wall Street as a symbolic call for more women on boards. Since the Fearless Girl’s placement, 152 US companies identified as lacking a single woman director have added a woman to their board and another 34 have pledged to do so. This year, State Street’s call for increased board diversity has been expanded to Canada and Japan. Fearless Girl’s phenomenal success is catalysing discussions and actions on gender diversity. Externally, Ron is a frequent speaker at important corporate governance/gender diversity events, and is actively involved in the 30% Club. He is also on The Boston Foundation Board of Directors, a leading community foundation committed to diversity and inclusion.

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