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Matt leads the company approach to D&I and is responsible for delivery of the plan and achieving their ambitions. VM has led from the top, with a 50/50 Board and the only all female Chair/CEO Team. Under Matt’s leadership, they adopted the Women in Finance recommendations established by HMT. He has driven a plan based on equality in hiring & progression, and removing barriers through greater flexible working, capability of managers, and enabling technology. VM’s first Returners Programme enabled experienced women who have been out of the workplace to update their skills and knowledge and transition back into the workplace. Matt introduced equalising parental leave pay with maternity pay 3 years ago, and led VM’s approach to Gender Pay Gap reporting, which has led the way in the UK. Having introduced maternity mentoring to VM, Matt was the first mentor, and continues to mentor a number of women both within and outside of VM. Externally, he has spoken about building careers at all women events, has spoken at various events supporting gender equality, and supported the Government’s roll out of gender pay gap by speaking at their Welsh roadshow.

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