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Nicky has introduced ‘FlexyForty’ at her agency, MRM-Meteorite, in order to retain and invest in a talented female workforce. Through this, employees need to be in the office for their core hours [10-4] but can work the rest around them. Freeing mums up to drop-off or pick up their kids up, without guilt or raised eyebrows. She has also given two young female creatives the opportunity to work on every new business pitch this year. There are only three female Creative Directors in Ireland, so on International Women’s day Nicky took a day off work and flew to Dublin to speak about what it’s like to be a female creative leader. Externally, she is a regular speaker on the importance of diversity. At Eurobest, she gave a personal account of her journey and how not to let the buggers get you down. At the WACL Gather conference, she did a talk entitled ‘I am not Sheryl Sandberg’ to 250 young women. She is on the Creative Equals Advisory Board and the Women for Women International marketing board; the charity that helps women affected by the horrors of war start their own businesses and thrive.

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