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As a Director in HR, Deborah’s team is responsible for several initiatives that fall within the Women in Leadership (WiL) programme. Activities have included upskilling programmes for high potential women, introducing gender-balanced shortlists for all job vacancies, and implementing inclusion training. She is also building Sky’s reputation as a leading employer for women through targeted recruitment events and media coverage. As a result of the Women in Leadership programme, Sky announced that nearly 40% of their senior leaders are now female, up from 31% since the launch of the initiative 2 and a half years ago. Their aim is to move this to half by 2020. Externally, Deborah has been involved in speaking platforms such as The Women in Media Awards and also in press articles talking about what they are doing at Sky in the gender diversity space and to create a more inclusive culture, and how other organisations can learn from this, for example in ‘HR magazine’.

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