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At her firm, Nicci’s vision statement is “Making D&I Win!” with a special lean towards gender diversity. They look for clients that have a good D&I attitude and support them in favour of their less diverse competitors. Specifically they have declined to work for organisations where the board or management team is All Straight White Male. Vincis is 75% Female. They have two recently returned to work mothers and have adapted contracts and practices designed to make this easy. They are also supporting 3 apprenticeships, where 2/3 are females and they are currently paying for and supporting one young lady to complete her bachelor’s degree on day release. Externally, Nicci presents about D&I and in particular gender diversity. One of her standup shows, “Prey”, is about raising awareness of Domestic and sexual abuse of women and children. She supports a national trans charity, and has recently been appointed as the Head of Diversity for “Wings” which is one of the largest International Scout camps taking place every 4 years, the next is in 2020.

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