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Mark has been working hard to continue to improve diversity and build an inclusive culture at WPP. Women now make up 50% of WPP’s senior managers and at the Board level, 50% of Board members are now women. They have launched their updated online ethics training, and a new Conscious Inclusion training program to embed inclusion and diversity into hiring processes. As part of their anti-racism commitments, Mark also announced the launch of a new Global Inclusion Council to ensure they are meeting their diversity commitments. In 2020, WPP were also named in the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equity Index. Mark is a member of Male Champions of Change Global Tech Group, where he has called on male leaders to help improve gender equity in the technology sector and made a public commitment not to appear on male-only panels. WPP’s partnership with UN Women has also resulted in multiple campaigns to amplify the voice of women.

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