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Elena contributed to the establishment of BlueBay’s Women’s Forum, and has since been elected Co-Vice Chair, where she led a proposal to restructure the Forum’s activities to become the Diversity and Inclusion Forum, building greater intersectionality. She has contributed to a D&I vision and strategy, and has worked on strategic projects, such as organizing working groups on data, volunteering, and interview practice. Elena has also supported the inclusion of BlueBay’s female portfolio managers in the 100 Women in Finance FundWomen initiative, and backed the participation of BlueBay’s employees in the Women in Investment Festival 2020. Externally, Elena leads the CFA UK Careers in the Investment Sector Working Group, and supports greater D&I awareness as a CAIA London Chapter executive. Elena mentors in the CityHive, Women in Banking and Finance, and the CFA UK cross-industry mentoring programs and is a Diversity Project Ambassador.

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