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Aimée spent a year as a Co-ordinator for the Women’s Forum at UWE, where she implemented and managed a social media presence. During her tenure, membership almost doubled and event attendance almost tripled. Aimée’s efforts formed a partnership with the Red Box Project, leading to each UWE campus hosting a donations box, and additionally the forum raised finds for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and CoppaFeel. Aimée encouraged collaboration with other staff networks at UWE, to ensure an intersectional approach. Aimée also founded the Aurora Alumni Network at UWE. Outside of work Aimée has written regular article for the City Girl Magazine, providing guidance to young women on careers that led to the magazine creating a Careers segment. Last year, Aimée was appointed Head of Communications & Engagement for WHEN (Women’s Higher Education Network). Since then she has contributed to a large increase in social media following and recruited many volunteers.

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