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Innocentia is Council Secretary for the Standard Chartered Bank Diversity & Inclusion Council, and has been involved in the formulation of a D&I Country Plan for the past three years, alongside working with the various ERGs to activate programs in line with the country plan. Innocentia began a partnership with Mentoring Women Ghana, an offshoot of Vital Voices, which focuses on providing young women with the opportunity to learn from more experienced women. Last year, she was selected by the U.S. Embassy in Ghana to participate in Fortune-U.S. Department of State Women’s Mentoring Program. Through her work as an alumna of The Ark Foundation Ghana’s Women’s Leadership & Human Rights Institute, Innocentia has trained women in rural areas on financial literacy, economic empowerment, and domestic violence. During her tertiary education at the Takoradi Polytechnic, she served as Women’s Commissioner, aiming to get more women interested in leadership roles.

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