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As the leader of BCG in Greater China, Carol is responsible for four offices and over 500 staff members. In the past three years, 11 women have been elected partners in China—one-third of their partner group in the region. Through investment in recruiting, women comprise more than 50% of the entry-level cohorts in the region. Carol leads a cross-functional committee dedicated to providing career support to women, including programs focused on sponsorship for mid-level and senior women and flexible working arrangements. Externally, she is involved in a number of organizations that promote women in business, including the Mu Lan Club, an organization of female entrepreneurs sponsored by China Entrepreneur magazine. The group comes together to discuss topics impacting women in business. In 2017, she attended Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Conference in Hong Kong, and has spoken on gender-equality issues at the Women of Our Time conference, sponsored by the South China Morning Post. In addition, she co-authored the BCG research paper Creating the Diverse Organization: How to Thrive in a Complex World (April 2016), in which they advocated that a diverse workforce is imperative for meeting the demands of diverse customers.

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