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Sue has driven change internally, and MediaCom has introduced gender equality targets for recruitment, promotion and appointment boards. MediaCom’s median pay gap has dropped significantly, and Sue continues to fight for its eradication. In the last year, Sue’s Glass Wall Network for diversity and inclusion has had 4 very highly attended events, including a cross-industry panel entitled ‘Where are all the men?’. As co-host of the MediaCom Connected Podcast, Sue ensures that they feature strong female leaders in interviews, including all of their internal female leaders and inspirational women from outside MediaCom. She has also launched a transformation consultancy, Theobalds Road Consulting, staffed exclusively by women. In 2016 Sue wrote a book with co-author Kathryn Jacob: ‘The Glass Wall, success strategies for women at work and businesses that mean business’. It is a business book best seller, now reprinted in a new edition. Since publication she has given over 200 talks at businesses, and published numerous blogs on LinkedIn. Sue has now created a new proposal for a book aimed at driving the equality agenda still further, this time aimed at men as a guide to championing diversity.

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