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Shivani has recently started a new role at JP Morgan & Chase, coming from an Investment Banking Associate role at Avendus Capital. Shivani goes beyond her everyday work in order to sign up for initiatives to improve gender diversity in investment banking. She has volunteered for every campus recruitment fair and careers fair that Avendus Capital attends, so that she can address some of the concerns that young women have regarding banking as a career and demonstrate that there are women working in these domains. Shivani has also mentored an intern, who was struggling to network as the only female intern at her previous organisation. She had an informal chat and shared some of her workplace experiences to put her mentee at ease, acknowledging the struggles that exist for women within the industry. This year Shivani was selected as an ‘Ambassador of Change’ by Women in Private Equity, a not-for-profit helping to create more opportunities for women and pioneering a platform to transform mindsets in favor of gender diversity in the PE industry.