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Sharon has spent over three decades on boards and held several executive roles including Deputy CEO of Deloitte North South Europe. She actively promotes and is a sought-after public speaker on diversity and inclusion, mental health/wellbeing, and sustainability. Sharon works with Deloitte’s leadership to set and meet ambitious goals for the representation of women in leadership globally. She is an advocate for allyship and sponsorship in the workplace, for example through her involvement with Deloitte’s Women in the Boardroom report. Sharon established Deloitte’s UK diversity networks in 2007, and champions the Deloitte Global Gender Balance network, the Deloitte UK Neurodiversity network, and the Deloitte Global LGBT+ network. She personally sponsors and mentors several people, and actively participates in external forums such as The 30% Club. Sharon regularly meets with groups of women at Deloitte and externally to share her experiences, understand theirs, and encourage them to pursue their career ambitions.