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Under Paul’s leadership, Toyota GB have launched flexible working guidelines for all staff, adjusted language used in job profiles to avoid deterring women and have sent targeted communications to female placement students to explain opportunities in the industry. Toyota GB actively participates in the 30% Automotive Club, offering an external mentoring scheme for thirty female colleagues, and their ‘Women in Business’ networking sessions enable women to learn from each other and understand the career journeys of senior female leaders. Recently, Paul’s team launched a ‘Women on the Verge of Brilliance’ programme, helping women to take control of their professional development, with discussion and tools around managing perception with critical audiences, building a personal reputation management campaign, emotional resilience and mental toughness. The Company Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is fully endorsed by the TGB Board, and Paul now hopes to influence Toyota’s European Head Office to follow their lead. Externally, Paul is a member of the 30% Club and founder member of the Automotive 30% Club, whose conferences he sponsors and regularly participates in as a panel member and speaker. This year, Toyota sponsored Autocar’s “Great British Women, Top 100 list, rising stars” awards and through their involvement with the Automotive 30% Club, TGB are also sponsoring “Inspiring” – a new digital magazine aimed at creating a super network of women in the automotive industry that can share best practices, tips, advice and generally learn from each other.

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