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As Chairman of AFME, Michael has been instrumental in driving forward diversity and inclusion initiatives. One key example is through the formation of AFME’s Diversity group and Women’s Network, where Michael has helped to shape the groups’ strategy and deliverables to ensure AFME’s diversity and inclusion policies are relevant and achievable. Michael has encouraged AMFE to support inclusive organisations by hosting events and urging staff to attend D&I sessions. Over the last year, Michael also joined the Women in Banking in Finance (WIBF) as Patron. Through his leadership, he has encouraged AFME to become an associate WIBF member and all staff now have access to the women’s networking events and resources on offer. Michael is also a passionate advocate of ensuring diversity on panel representation at AFME’s 40 annual events and conferences across Europe. Externally, Michael mentors under the 30% Club programme and the Mission INCLUDE programme, where he sits on the steering committee. He is actively involved in opening the conversation around women’s workforce equality, LGBT+ rights, mental health, and is an active supporter of City Mental Health Alliance. He is a regular panellist and keynote speaker on all things diversity and inclusion.

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