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Since becoming a Managing Partner at Mattos Filho in 2015, José Eduardo has worked hard to promote gender equality. His first initiative was the Women’s Programme, in which he shared practices from other law firms abroad with a group of women partners and encouraged them to create an affinity group, now called 4Women. Following concentrated research into understanding women’s perception of Mattos Filho’s workplace, José Eduardo and 4Women built a plan of action which is now being implemented. Under José Eduardo’s leadership, Mattos Filho have become supporters of the UN’s HeForShe movement, and José Eduardo has signed the CEO’s Declaration in Support of the Women’s Empowerment Principles. More recently, José Eduardo and his team are developing the ‘Building Together’ initiative within 4Women to consider men’s opinions on how to build and improve initiatives for gender equality in the firm. Additionally, José Eduardo introduced unconscious bias training for all partners and, in partnership with KPMG, introduced non-harassment training for all Mattos Filho employees. Externally, José Eduardo is very active in sharing his experiences and possible strategies with clients and NPOs.

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