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Dave has made a hugely positive impact on boosting diversity across Amazon through his work leading the policy workstream for Women@Amazon, one of Amazon’s employee affinity groups. In this role, he works closely with Women@ members and HR to develop policies and workplace practices that are applied, not only in the UK, but across Europe. He was a key driver of Amazon’s Flexible Working guidelines, providing informal guidance to help managers and employees more effectively use informal and occasional flexible working. The guidelines were launched on International Women’s Day in 2016, initially in Amazon’s London corporate office. Since then however, they now apply across five EU countries. Dave is also passionate about mentoring women at all levels of the business, currently mentoring four women, two of whom have subsequently been promoted to senior management positions. He also speaks frequently at Amazon events, championing diversity across the business and gathering feedback from female employees which he then feeds back for the consideration of the policy working group. Most recently he spoke at the Women@ Annual Summit and the Amazon UK Graduate/MBA All Hands meetings to talk about how Women@ and the company are working to ensure a great and diverse workplace for employees.

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