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Following his analysis of some unfavourable data regarding gender balance, Gavin became the new Chair of the D&I Council, creating a gender action plan which is unequivocal in its approach and clearly aligned to the business strategy. It is a personal challenge for Gavin to eradicate the gender pay gap in the next 3 years. Gavin’s hard work has contributed to drastic improvements in gender diversity throughout the region. Gavin has made monthly calls on progress, challenging the under-representation of women at higher levels. He is taking decisive action to address gender parity in recruitment, demanding and enabling balanced shortlists and bias-free processes. Beyond Business, Gavin has given a personal commitment not to appear on external all male panels. He promotes STEM subjects for girls in schools and has published several articles on LinkedIn and external blog pages outlining his views on targets and tokenism. He is determined to create an attraction and retention culture so women can thrive. He coaches a phenomenal disabled woman, Kate Nash OBE, to grow her business @PurpleSpace which is creating employee networks; promotes International Women’s Day using #SheInspiresMe asking LBT+ women to share inspirational quotes and regularly speak out on women’s equality. Amongst his many efforts to support D&I, Gavin also supported a trans woman manager, featuring as a Values Champion in a video about inclusivity, where she highlighted the importance of colleague-support through her transition.

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