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As CEO of Webpals Group, Inbal has ensured that 50% of the 400-strong team is female, which grows at senior management level to 67%. Inbal’s team works with partner organisations to connect female candidates to Hi-tech companies. Webpals measure and present their gender equality figures internally to the entire staff and externally through a variety of media encouraging other companies to make gender parity an important issue on their agendas. Inbal’s team works hto ensure women are supported on returning from maternity leave, often receiving a promotion and new challenges to look forward to. Inbal has recently shared Webpals’ story as a case study on cracking gender equality in the private sector at the Commission on the Status of Women in the United Nations. Inbal has partnered with Parliament 51 to share Webpals’ success and influence others, leading to Nokia Israel adopting the Webpals model of promoting women during pregnancy. Inbal has also taken part in various events, sharing her personal story to inspire young women from different backgrounds in the high-tech sector, with Israel Mass-challenge, Intango, Tsofen, LeadWith and more.

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