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Erin has been Executive Sponsor for SVB’s global gender network since 2021 and established a local EMEA chapter in 2022. Five years ago, she created the first EMEA women’s network and under her leadership the team implemented significant enhancements to the company’s family-friendly policies by extending enhanced pay for maternity, shared parental and adoption leave from 12 to 30 weeks; making it available from day 1 of employment. In addition, introducing ‘Special Parental Leave’ that provides any FTE 12 weeks fully paid. Her commitment to women’s inclusion has seen her exceeding internal targets to achieve 50% women in senior leadership hires and promotions. She mentors and sponsors numerous women, internally and externally. Erin’s ambition is to dramatically increase the number of women and other overlooked talent in the innovation ecosystem and to create an environment where all people can thrive, build with purpose, and bring their authentic selves to work.