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Danny champions the female agenda by encouraging business to consider the potential future impact of hybrid working on women, carers and the future gender pay gap.
Danny is responsible for Aviva’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which supports women through initiatives including: simplifying all job adverts to encourage more female candidates; including diversity targets in Executive reward; monthly reporting on gender diversity metrics; inclusive leadership training; Aviva’s own Licence to Hire training (covering non-inclusive behaviours and recruiting underrepresented candidates); extending sponsorship programmes to advance the careers of underrepresented talent (including women); and engaging 1,000+ part-time colleagues (87% female) to understand challenges around development and progression.
Aviva’s employment policies include equal parental leave, paid carers leave and domestic abuse support, the latter of which Danny is co-executive sponsor of. Danny is also the co-executive sponsor of our Pride community, and has also contributed to a number of external news articles championing women.