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Through a complete redesign and relentless focus on equality through our recruitment process, Rachel improved the female intake into the WPP IT organization from 11% to 38% over the past 12 months. Through the firm’s operating and organizational model redesign and by establishing a new people design authority to govern internal and external appointments, she has improved the representation of women in the top 3 layers of leadership in WPP IT. Before joining WPP, she was the founder and executive sponsor of the multi-award-winning TechWomen program in her previous job. During her final year leading the program in 2020/1, Rachel delivered a year-long development journey for 450 women across BT and supported an alumni network of 2,300 women. The program was enormously successful, dramatically improving participants’ confidence, with 67% of them moving into more prominent roles, and addressing the local cultural barriers to women’s progression in India and Malaysia.