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Throughout his career at Salesforce, Andy has been an active ally for driving equality. He is also a firm believer that everyone in the industry has a responsibility to encourage young people to pursue the range of exciting career opportunities the tech industry has to offer. Andy championed the first “Women in Leadership Summit” at Salesforce’s World Tour London event in 2014, an initiative which has since been rolled out across Salesforce events in other countries. He is a mentor to women both inside and outside his own team, and continually works to raise awareness of women’s issues in the workplace. For instance, all Salesforce’s European offices now have employee resource groups for gender equality and celebrate International Women’s Day. Andy is also an active supporter of #HeForShe, regularly writing and tweeting about why it’s important for men to speak up for what’s right when it comes to workplace equality. He has also ensured Salesforce supports women in business and tech education initiatives that encourage more girls to pursue a career in tech. Andy was also named one of “30 Male Agents of Change” in Management Today’s 2017 list.

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