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The Corporate Practice that Aisling leads at WPP is a committed agitator for positive impact. As well as championing diversity among clients, Aisling is involved in a wide range of mentoring and training for women of all levels and functions at WPP. She personally supports female colleagues through training, career development, conflict resolution, challenges returning to work from time off, and salary negotiation. Aisling also contributes to WPP’s formal mentoring programmes, such as their X Factor programme which prepares women for the next level of executive leadership. Aisling herself is an alumnus and shares what she learned with the women she manages and mentors. Aisling negotiated free office space for the WOW Foundation, the organisers of the annual Women of the World Festival. Beyond WPP, Aisling is passionately involved in wildlife conservation, supporting numerous NGOs. She advises and mentors many women who are senior in these organisations, and in August she hosted some of them in her home.Recently, Aisling joined the Board of Trustees of CSL (Conservation South Luangwa) an anti-poaching and wildlife rescue NGO based in Zambia. As the WPP lead for the United Nations, Aisling has been an advisor to the UN Women. Aisling also helped create The People’s Seat campaign with the UN and UNFCCC. The People’s Seat gave people the opportunity to have their voice heard directly by world leaders. Launched at the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference, Aisling interviewed Greta Thunberg, amplifying the inspirational activist’s voice on the global stage.

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