Thamina Stoll

Women@ LinkedIn Global External Network Lead & Senior Client Solutions Manager

Thamina Stoll is a Women’s Advancement & Diversity Advocate, B2B Marketing & Sales Expert, Podcast Host, Board Member, Angel Investor, and Speaker. By 28, she had generated and influenced 8 figures in revenue for LinkedIn and was appointed the youngest Women@ LinkedIn Global Leadership Team member. As Senior Client Solutions Manager, she strategizes for a Fortune 30 client on Corporate Reputation, Employer Branding, and Customer Acquisition in New York City. Thamina hosts the Give Her Dollars Podcast, helping women build wealth and reclaim economic power. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness and premature fertility decline in her 20s, she’s become a vocal advocate for women's health. Thamina is on the advisory board of several female-founded companies and serves on the DukeNY Women’s Forum Executive Committee. Featured in global outlets like Thrive Global and Nasdaq, Thamina was named one of Germany's “100 Women of the Year” in 2022.

Imade Iyamu

Asset Management and Wealth Management
Goldman Sachs

Imade Iyamu is the first Nigerian alumni President of Junior Achievement Africa, an organization that has reached and impacted over 1 million young Africans and whose global body was nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize. As an MBA candidate at Columbia University, Imade initiated a scholarship for African women from underrepresented backgrounds in business and acts as a peer adviser and student representative. Having joined the Asset and Wealth Management division at Goldman Sachs this year, Imade has joined the women’s network. She was also an instructor at Yale University under Yale Young African Scholars, where she mentored young African girls to make a meaningful impact in Africa.

Frances Holmes

Client Technology Lead

At Microsoft, Frances is one of the founding members of the Pregnancy, Maternity and Returner (PMR) UK Public Sector (PS) program and is an accessibility champion for the PS Disability ERG. She has championed the introduction of pregnancy parking and pumping facilities, which have now been implemented in the head office of Microsoft UK. Externally, Frances is the founder and CEO of Speak Out Revolution, an award winning not-for-profit disrupting the conversation on D&I in the workplace using data-driven insights. She is driving transparency on less discussed workplace inclusion topics, using open source technology that enables organisations to access intelligent insights to optimally address the challenges within their sector.

Dawn Carter

Enterprise Data Architect
BAE Systems Plc

Just six months after joining BAE Systems, Dawn became Co-Chair of the company’s Gender Equity Network, a voluntary Employee Resource Group dedicated to providing an equity of opportunity to all genders. Her commitment to empowering women in the workplace saw her take the lead in forming a brand partnership with Women in Data, an organisation whose mission is to increase diversity in data careers. Dawn continues to be a role model, whether organising and co-hosting BAE Systems International Women’s Day conference at Bletchley Park, reviewing company policies such as maternity, fertility and menopause, or promoting data literacy across the analysis and architecture communities. She has also facilitated critical conversations & provided support for those seeking guidance on gender equity issues. Out with BAE Systems, she’s also a trustee with Epilepsy Scotland, is an active member of Bolton Deaf Club and even donated 16” of hair to The Little Princess Trust.

Melisa Turano

Head of Lending, Transaction Management and Mujeres al Mundo

Melisa is Co-Founder of HSBC’s Mujeres al Mundo (MAM), a program aimed at accelerating the economic inclusion and empowerment of women, based on 4 pillars: training and networking, mentoring, international connectivity and financial services. To date, HSBC Argentina has disbursed more than US$500 million in loans for women-led SMEs. Over 19,000 SMEs, entrepreneurs and executives have already signed up as part of MAM community, which has been expanded to Uruguay and Mexico, consolidating a regional strategy to unlock the potential of women’s market, highlighting the important role they play in the economy with a comprehensive proposition to help them thrive. For MAM, Melisa trained +100 relationship managers and developed an ambassadors network to embed gender perspective in the business. Melisa chaired HSBC’s Balance ERG for three years (2017-19). She is women’s mentor at Vital Voices and Cherie Blair Foundation and co-chair of DEI committee at BritCham.

Connie Peng


From 2018 to 2022, Connie served as Chairperson for BlackRock's Women & Allies Network (WIN), retiring from the role in 2023 to encourage the next generation of leadership but continuing to shape and support the organization as a member of the Board of Directors. In recognition of her leadership, Connie was honored with the APAC Passion for WIN award this year. Externally, Connie is a committee member of the Women’s Leadership Initiative, a subsidiary organization of the Urban Land Institute promoting gender equity and the professional development of women within China’s real estate industry. With the WLI, Connie spearheaded an initiative to sponsor underprivileged women students in rural China to complete their high school education. She also donates time through the Urban Land Institute’s mentoring program.

Claudette Whyte

Senior Compliance Officer / Director of the Compliance Institute Ireland
JP Morgan

Claudette is a strong advocate and outspoken voice for DE&I and works as a Senior Compliance Officer at JP Morgan Ireland. She is also a Director and Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the Compliance Institute. She has been championing DE&I initiatives and raising awareness to collectively drive change in attitudes towards gender balance and identify ways to progress equality. Claudette has served as a panel member at various DE&I-focused events, where she provides perspective on fostering a sense of belonging to under-represented groups, pushing to create greater equality for all. Claudette has made it her mission to open doors for people across various backgrounds and walks of life through mentoring, volunteering, raising awareness and raising her voice in combating discrimination on the grounds of age, race, ethnic origin, religion, faith or lack thereof, disability or sexual orientation. Claudette fosters a diverse and inclusive environment, allowing everyone to feel welcome, valued and respected.

Naomi Tsuru

Executive Officer, Head of Human Resources
Fidelity International (Japan)

Naomi at Fidelity International (Japan) leads the APAC Gender Balance Network with 8 leaders across different locations. In her role, she also leads APAC regional collaboration initiatives and supports initiatives to raise awareness on the importance of gender balance, unconscious bias, role models and mentoring. Her initiatives raised the senior women's ratio through comprehensive talent reviews and development actions and created a more gender-balanced organization. This resulted in the organization earning an "Eruboshi" certification, which the Japanese government awards to companies as a recognition of the company's efforts to promote women's inclusion. Naomi has also been involved in 7 organizations outside of her full-time position at Fidelity International to encourage gender diversity, including the Japanese government's working group and various volunteer groups. In addition to her work for women's inclusion, she has been actively involved in DEI initiatives for LGBTQ+, Enable, Culture, and Social Mobility.

Jessica Hazel Lising

Delivery Manager

Jessica co-leads two of IBM’s BRGs for ASEAN+Korea, where she is involved in numerous initiatives, including providing support for breastfeeding moms to deliver breast milk from the office to home, providing a mother's wellness room, developing a transgender bathroom policy, and introducing first-of-its-kind coverage for gender affirmation treatment. Externally, Jessica has joined Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP), advocating for women who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies. From Jessica's work with IBM’s BRGs, IBM won the Asia CEO Awards among the most diverse companies in Asia Diversity. Company of the Year in 2019 and Circle of Excellence Awardee for the Diversity Employer of the Year in 2020.

Ekta Narula

Director Operations

At Barclays, Ekta has led in translating the global DEI strategy into actions for ERGs across India, which are brought together through a DEI network established by Ekta. She is also involved with the WIN gender ERG, which focuses on attracting, recruiting & retaining diverse talent, achieving gender ambitions, and improving the employee value proposition as an inclusive organization. The group has organized impactful development programs to progress women at Barclays and has introduced sponsorship and mentoring initiatives. Externally, Ekta has developed partnerships with gender-focused partners to amplify women’s progression and drive employer value propositions.

Elisha Rios

Director, Merck Manufacturing Division Integration Lead
Merck & Co.

Elisha is a thought-leader in delivering the intersection of business, diversity and engineering. Alongside her role at Merck, Elisha spearheaded the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) group at Merck, where she leads a global team of 20 to enable Merck’s company goals around four strategic pillars: talent acquisition, talent development, advocacy and outreach, and communications. Under her leadership, SWE at Merck launched the Re-Invent program, a returnship program for experienced employees who have taken a 2+ career break, piloted an ‘on the spot’ hiring program at the SWE conference and has grown to 300+ members. Elisha served as the DE&I Program Manager for Merck's US-Human Health Division in 2022, supporting the organization with strategic planning and creating a best-in-class DE&I metrics dashboard to drive accountability for representation and development. In 2023, Elisha co-led the DE&I strategic team for the Global Science, Engineering and Commercialization organization within the Merck Manufacturing Division.

Sabrina Browne

Vice President, Corporate Affairs and North America ERG Lead

As a Vice President and North America ERG Lead, Sabrina works to elevate women across the region through client counsel, internal programs and events, and various speaking engagements. She has been counseling Fortune 500 clients on strategic communications, national campaigns, and ways to provide access to capital to women and minority business owners. Additionally, Sabrina empowers Black employees to enhance their personal and professional development skills through her oversight of BCW's African American Employee Resource (AAER) Group, of which more than 50 percent of members are Black women. She also served as a WPP NextGen Pod Leader, managing a 10-week immersive learning program designed to introduce early talent to WPP. Outside of BCW, Sabrina is a Partner at The Flow Initiative, a national organization committed to ending period poverty in the United States, and Global Board Chair at Pandemic Periods, the leading menstrual health collective operating in over 25 countries worldwide.

Natsayi Mawere

Reed Smith

Natsayi is the Co-Chair of Reed Smith’s NYC office’s DEI committee, has helped to develop the office's Racial Equity Action Plan and is also a liaison for the office’s Women’s Initiative Network (“WINRS”). In 2020, she introduced an annual virtual Career Day program to NYC WINRS that connects low-income and homeless women served by the NYC Coalition for the Homeless’ “First Step Program” with lawyers and professional staff in NYC WINRS. NYC WINRS attendees assisted First Step students with resume development, mock job interviews, and discussed issues women face (in the context of a job search). As part of the NYC office's REAP, Natsayi worked with colleagues to develop a pilot Associate Buddy Program in 2021, which she took the lead in taking global in 2022. She is dedicated to investing in the well-being and advancement of others, especially women facing systematic barriers to employment.

Susannah Stott

Low Carbon Fuels Integration Analyst
Shell PLC Ltd

As part of Shell’s Balance Network, Susannah founded and led the 50:50 Ops initiative to improve DEI in operations at their onshore and offshore facilities. Through this initiative, she held focus groups with women across operations, created a Facility GAP analysis survey to identify and track improvement actions around focus areas, gained buy-in from the VP of Upstream and Facility Managers, created "The Balance Badge" to reward facilities for good DEI performance, and led a committee focusing on broader improvement initiatives. Outside of Shell, Susannah helped kick start the Axis Network, Inclusive Offshore Working Group (IOWG), to promote Women's inclusion and gender diversity across the energy industry more broadly. She used this network to conduct a cross-industry survey to develop an informed understanding of the micro inequalities.

Fiona Cameron

Senior Leraning and Development Business Partner

In the past year, Fiona has developed EMPOWER, a women in leadership development program aimed at progressing women in media and supporting gender pay gap reduction. She leads the YourBridge mentoring initiative and apprenticeship programs at GroupM. As newly appointed Chairperson of Lifetimes, an intersectional and intergenerational Employee Resource Group (ERG), she champions inclusivity and diversity within the workplace. Fiona is a trained GroupM Menopause Champion, and through Lifetimes has secured WPP's continued support against age-related gender bias and promotion of Menopause awareness. She's a vital team member of the Visible Start Programme, a WPP driven initiative designed to encourage inclusion for women aged 45+ to re-enter the industry. Externally, Fiona has actively contributed to the Bloom women's network for six years, initially on the leadership team. She later revitalised the mentoring programme, introducing skill-sharing and coaching to promote women's career advancement and equality in the communication industry.

Rachel Toner

Head of Strategy & Transformation - GB Independents

Rachel is the Co-Chair of Diageo’s Spirited Women Network in the UK, the firm's Employee Resource Group established to engage, retain, and develop female employees. Rachel plays a leading role in the creation and running of engagements for the UK Network, which recently includes a virtual event with 'Fertility Matters at Work' to educate and support male and female employees regarding the topic in the workplace. As well as her work with Spirited Women, Rachel is also a member of Grocery Girls, an Employee Resource Group from Co-op created to acknowledge the lack of female representation across the grocery industry. Rachel is a true champion of Diageo's commitment to nurturing the most inclusive and diverse culture, and is dedicated to educating herself and her colleagues on topics regarding gender equality and the importance of diversity.

Jennie Koo

Head of Operations Risk Management
Capital One

When Jennie joined Capital One nearly five years ago, it was with the understanding that she would continue to drive a gender lens in the Financial Services sector. She is currently the UK Chapter co-lead and International Lead for the internal gender Business Resource Group empowHER, and pushes for progress with initiatives such as getting more women into senior leadership roles. She brings a gender lens to all activity and conversations including those within the REACH ethnicity network, and frequently takes part in collaboration between REACH and empowHER such as Career Pathways to build community support outside of the organization, actively engaging in local school career sessions. Some of the key initiatives Jennie has been responsible for have included establishing safe space meetings to discuss key challenges; the launch of regular bite-sized sessions where senior women share their five guiding principles; and expanding the mentoring program to include reciprocal mentoring.

Aya Harb

Former Director, Investor Relations
S&P Global

Aya is a board member for her WINS chapter, striving for an equitable world where women have strong representation, role models, and recognition at S&P Global. As the lead for the Washington DC office, she helps connect other women-focused organizations and speaking engagements to build a platform for elevating women on a global level. Beyond S&P Global, Aya is an advisory board member for the ASHERAH foundation, enabling underprivileged women globally to further their education through providing scholarships and raising awareness of the worldwide need for accessible post-secondary education. In her early career, Ms. Harb worked with international municipalities in regions like Nepal and Lebanon, training local municipalities and youth centers in non-violence and conflict rehabilitation.

Lorna Ive

Programmatic Executive
GroupM Nexus EMEA

Lorna is the Programmatic Executive within the Nexus EMEA Programmatic Team. As the Chair of the Gender Employee Resource Group, she organized a 'Women in Tech' event, which led to a series addressed to schools to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM. As a member of WPP's Menopause SteerCo, she actively involved her network to educate men and younger generations of women at work. The first event resulted in a policy change across WPP, bringing Menopause support under BUPA benefits. Lorna also built an award-winning grassroots campaign to start conversations around menopause. Furthermore, she is an Ambassador for the Visible Start Programme, raising awareness through social media video interview campaigns for greater inclusion of midlife women in the industry, and a member of 50:50, a Network supporting women's progress into politics.

Margherita Fontana

EMEAI Commercial Director, Dow Consumer Solutions

Margherita was named the Global Leader for the Dow Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) Employee Resource Group in 2020. For four years prior to this she led Dow WIN in the EMEAI Region, helping to move the needle for female representation at leadership levels to 50%. Margherita was responsible for developing and implementing the group’s strategy, including setting up a Female Sponsorship Program. Established in partnership with INSEAD Business School, it was the first ever sponsorship program for female talent in the EMEAI region. Within 18 months 50% of the female talent who participated had been promoted to leadership roles. Last year Margherita developed the second cohort of the program, which is aiming to help promote 80% of the 36 women participating within 24 months. In 2023 the 3rd edition of the Female Talent Sponsorship program will be run, to continue the focused efforts in developing Dow Female talents across the organization. Other initiatives she has headed up have included attaining an Equal Pay Certification for Dow Switzerland and sponsoring the role model stories of Dow’s ‘Hidden Heroes’.

Catherine Wright

Director, Corporate Banking
HSBC Innovation Banking UK (HINV)

Catherine is a Director in HINV’s Corporate Banking team and a strong DE&I advocate for 8+ years. She sits on the DE&I ERG Leadership Committee and in 2022, Co-Founded HINV’s EMEA Gender-ERG, spearheading the launch of six working-groups to engage 650+ colleagues in advancing the gender-balance agenda and increasing HINV female senior leadership to 50% by 2030. She also collaborates on intersectional-ERG initiatives to improve representation beyond gender. For IWD ‘23-‘22, Catherine chaired multiple NPS leading internal & public events to 400+ people, promoting DE&I in the Technology/Finance sectors. Catherine is Founder of the Women in Business Society, a global non-profit professional development community serving 1000+ women. She is also a member of the House of Commons Business and Parliament Forum, influencing new governmental policies to support female entrepreneurs. In line with her mission of supporting the next-generation, Catherine delivers coaching, mentoring and masterclasses to help women obtain leadership roles.

O’Brien Kalumba

Director, CEO Office & Client Coverage
Standard Chartered Bank

Throughout her 12-year international career across Zambia, the UK, and Germany, O'Brien has fervently advocated for diversity and inclusion (D&I). She championed these values at Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and externally, with a focus on elevating female leaders and minority ethnic groups, enabling their full potential and advocating for the critical role that mentorship, sponsorship and coaching has on one’s career. At SCB, she serves on the Europe D&I Council. In July 2021, she was among the 20 Black Leaders at Standard Chartered, amplifying their voices through shared life experiences on Black Leaders Awareness Day. O'Brien is deeply committed to women's empowerment, volunteering on When Females Lead's Board of Directors. This nonprofit empowers confident women leaders across Africa through mentorship, career guidance (mentoring 300+ young female professionals), and uplifting vulnerable children.

Gill Hardy

Head of Executive Talent EMEA

Gill is Head of Executive Talent EMEA at WPP. In 2015, she co-founded and launched ‘WPP Stella’, to tackle barriers to Women's career success through extensive programing. Gill also led WPP Propeller, a coaching-led program for WPP's high potential Women. In 2022, Stella became an open community for all WPP Women and allies, which increased women's representation in senior managers and executive leaders’ roles globally. WPP ranked sixth in the FTSE 100 for gender representation among senior leaders and at the board level and was recognized in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the fifth year in a row. Through WPP Stella's programming, Gill also leads the corporate membership of Women on Boards, a not-for-profit aiming to increase the representation of women on all types of boards.

Joanne Michelle O. Manalo

Senior Vice President, Business Development
Teleperformance Philippines

Michelle is Teleperformance Philippines Senior Vice President for Business Development and a fierce advocate for women empowerment in the workplace and everywhere. From the moment she joined TP, Michelle has been a catalyst for positive change and a fierce advocate for women's rights, leading TP Women initiatives, driving women inclusion in leadership, and attracting programs that highlight women empowerment to all employees. A passionate champion of Filipina excellence, she takes every opportunity to showcase women leadership at TP in all geos she caters to and promotes gender equity in the industry. She also actively leads TP for All, the company’s new impact sourcing program, forwarding innovative intersectional strategies for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Stefanie Carpenter

Relationship Director
Fidelity International Limited

In addition to her role as a Relationship Director, Stefanie has taken on leadership positions that directly contribute to promoting Gender Balance and inclusivity on a broader scale. As the Gender Balance Strand Lead, she supports the global DEI strategy and Gender Balance action plan by focusing on the internal lack of women's representation in sales roles. This has involved reviewing data, discussing challenges and opportunities with business leaders, and scoping the next steps. As the UK Gender Balance Network Co-Lead, she worked on building a sense of community, creating an inclusive culture through discussion groups and awareness-raising events. Through collaboration with leaders and stakeholders, this network has developed and implemented activities and programs that foster Gender Balance locally and globally. Stefanie has also been the Chair of a performance netball club for the past six years, creating an environment that promotes equity, celebrates diversity, and ensures that all players, regardless of their backgrounds, can participate and thrive.

Sanjana Chhantyal

Investment Analyst and Relationship Manager
Avasar Equity Limited

A Fulbright Scholar and MBA graduate from Emory University, Sanjana Chhantyal utilizes her finance and investment analysis expertise to organize training workshops for early-stage entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on women and youth entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of the Stree-Shakti Project, which aims to encourage and prepare young women to take on leadership roles in Nepal's Energy sector by increasing access to information, mentorship and networking opportunities. She has conducted training sessions for young Nepali women on Circular Economy, Entrepreneurship, Clean Energy, Innovation, and raising equity investment. Sanjana also founded the Next Steps Project: she designed a higher education research toolkit and has conducted mentorship sessions in schools and colleges to help students, especially young girls and first-generation students, to make informed academic decisions. She is a member of the UN Women Asia and the Pacific’s 30 for 2030 Youth Network, USAID Youth Excel's Global Youth Advisory Council and serves as the YSP Deputy Project Lead at SDSN-Youth, program of UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Blagorodna Stoycheva

Associate Director, Business Excellence
Xaxis (GroupM)

In 2020, Blagorodna co-founded the Rise Women Network within Xaxis to identify pressing issues and build an understanding and sense of community for a more equitable environment. Through this Network, they held numerous training sessions and networking events, which raised awareness of grassroots charity organizations and how people can support them. Most recently, they raised awareness for Guria India, a charity fighting sex trafficking and supporting the reintegration of victims into society. These initiatives spotlight Women across the organization, ensuring they are invited to speak on panels and events. In addition to her work at Xaxis, Blagorodna is also a member of the Advisory Board and volunteer as Marketing Lead with Springboard Youth Academy, providing innovative and comprehensive educational programs to newly arrived young refugees and asylum seekers aged between 13 and 17.

Solange Cunha

Mattos Filho

In 2021, Solange - a Lawer at Mattos Filho - introduced a transformative Book Club at her law firm, emphasizing literature by women authors. This platform delves into discussions about feminism, motherhood, career, race, and class, fostering a safe space for shared experiences and inspiring conversations. A year later, CNN invited her for an interview, shedding light on workplace sexism and showcasing initiatives to inspire other companies to follow suit. Currently, Solange spearheads a mentoring program for women lawyers and interns, addressing the challenges faced by women in corporate environments. Beyond Mattos Filho, Solange has participated in initiatives that promote diversity, including "Leia Mulheres," a nationwide Brazilian book club spotlighting literature by women authors to foster understanding of gender issues, and Maritime SheEO, an international community dedicated to advancing diversity and innovation within traditionally male-dominated industries.

Lexie Toorock

Wealth Management Solutions
Bridgewater Associates

Lexie Toorock joined Bridgewater in 2012, and today she is a lead relationship manager and marketer for the firm’s wealth and distribution practice, reporting directly to the Global Head of Wealth and Distribution. Lexie is a founding member of Bridgewater’s “Women’s Influence Network,” the firm’s largest affinity network and currently serves as its co-Head. She has consistently mentored women and others throughout the firm, while also hosting various firmwide discussions on business and leadership. Beyond Bridgewater, she serves on the board and is Chair of the Development Committee of LSA Family Health Service, a 65-year old nonprofit focused on assisting families and children in East Harlem, and she is a significant contributor to fundraising efforts and strategy for Grameen America, the largest microfinance nonprofit in the US. Lexie holds a B.S. in Strategic Management and Economics from Babson College.

Namita Singh Thakur

Sr.Manager - Global Strategic Accounts
LinkedIn UK

Namita Singh Thakur is a leader within the Global Strategic Accounts for LinkedIn in EMEA. She has also been a Co-Chair of the Women@LinkedIn Employee Resource Group (ERG) for EMEA between 2020-22. LinkedIn has made great strides in gender diversity and currently prides itself on achieving parity across all levels of the organization. Women@LinkedIn has found ways to bring its mission alive through a line-up of events, L&D Programs, workshops and speaker series. Besides her passion for the ERG, she regularly participates in speaking engagements related to women's education, empowerment & endorsement. Outside of her formal role, she is passionate about arts & democratization of art through her foundation Art Curio & regularly supports emerging artists and artists within under-represented racial groups as a patron, art-collaborator and collector. She is particularly perceptive about women & their role in corporate/social life & personal experiences that have shaped their journeys.

Suzie Nolan

Head of Property
Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland DAC

Suzie is the Co-chair of Aviva Ireland's (Gender) Balance network and she is also on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. Suzie takes a broad approach to DEI, supporting initiatives such as ‘Free to Be Me’ Children’s Libraries, regularly speaking at industry events promoting gender balance and using her role as property fund manager to provide rent-free or reduced rent access to commercial properties for the benefit of the minority groups in Ireland, including registered charities such as ‘Dublin Pride’, Neurodiversity Ireland and Sightsavers. Suzie is an active participant in Aviva’s ‘Women Tackle Finance’ campaign through which female experts share their financial and investment knowledge in a way that is more relatable for women. Suzie is a Council member of the 30% Club and recently took on the role of Chair of the Financial Services Group, working with senior leaders across Ireland to collectively drive change to accelerate gender equality.

Susan Cole

Community Engagement Marketing & Membership Manager
NAM aidsmap

Susan is an award-winning health activist, broadcaster, writer and public speaker. She spearheads the community engagement and broadcasting initiatives for the HIV information charity NAM aidsmap, including producing and hosting the live broadcast series aidsmapLIVE for a global audience of people living with HIV, and Health & Power the UK’s monthly show on health inequality. Beyond her role, Susan's advocacy reaches global platforms. As the keynote speaker at the International AIDS Society Conference she highlighted global inequities and women's inclusion. In the UK Parliament Susan discussed COVID-19 and HIV's impact on women and people of colour. Her recognition is far reaching, from UK Parliament's International Women's Day debate to the Royal Society of Arts fellowship for her impact in tackling inequalities.

Marissa Guiang

Vice President, Asia-Pacific Active Investments Platform Strategist

Pioneering the Weekly Asia-Pacific Investor Meeting, Marissa Guiang, Vice President at BlackRock, brings 200+ participants together on a regular basis to spotlight the diversity of investment professionals and their insights. As the driving force behind BlackRock's Portfolio Management Group Pathfinders Program in Asia, she shapes training, mentorship, and career opportunities for junior talent, many of whom are from underrepresented groups. Marissa also co-leads the Communications Pillar within BlackRock’s Women's Initiative Network (WIN) in Hong Kong, initiating impactful office-wide publications showcasing female professionals. Marissa’s early engineering of the Fundamental Equities "Investing in Investors Program" shows her global influence, which places career-switchers from diverse backgrounds into investment roles in the US and UK. Marissa extends her influence beyond BlackRock, mentoring with Built By Girls to empower young women in technology. Her guidance has propelled mentees to internships, jobs, and top graduate programs.

Shelina Janmohamed

Director of Consumer Equality
Ogilvy Consulting

Shelina is Director of Consumer Equality at Ogilvy Consulting, pioneering an industry paradigm shift to tackle 'consumer inequality' facing Minority Ethnic groups, to drive business growth. An award-winning business leader, she’s also Ogilvy's Vice President of Islamic Marketing, and has worked to engage Muslim audiences with some of the world's biggest brands and exciting start-ups. Shelina is a passionate advocate for businesses and brands to reclaim their creative and commercial superpowers for business growth and societal impact. She’s a board member for IMPRESS, the UK's only charter approved press regulator. She is a bestselling non-fiction as well as a children's author, including her memoir 'Love In A Headscarf' and her most recent kids' book about the British Empire "Story of Now: Let's Talk About the British Empire". As a podcaster, op-ed writer, and sandwich generation carer, she is working hard as a polymath-in-progress to create social and cultural change.

Adela Nano

Medicinal Chemistry Research Scientist
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

As an active member of Vertex’s IWILL (Inspiring Women in Leadership and Learning) Employee Resource Network (ERN), Adela strives for more excellent representation of functional and racial diversity, contributing to advancing underrepresented voices. She currently serves on the ERN’s Women in Science Committee and previously served on its Steering Committee. Recognizing the importance of showcasing women leaders, among others, Adela contributes to organizing panel discussions highlighting the achievements of women professionals from various functions and backgrounds within the company, and seminars with external speakers to promote skill development. More recently Adela initiated and is the co-lead of a Women in Chemistry group, providing a platform for women to address challenges faced while working in chemistry and engaging with leadership on pertinent issues. Her dedication extends to the Graduate Women in Science Association, where Adela evaluates fellowship proposals and manages evaluations to support early-career women scientists.

Rachel Joe

Head of FICC Research Engagement & Quantitative Innovation
TD Securities London

Rachel is a dynamic force driving diversity, equity, and inclusion at TD Securities London. Leading the European D&I Mentoring program for four years, she pairs women mentees with senior leaders, boosting confidence and fostering career growth. Rachel also founded the European Colleague Experience - Connect D&I group, enabling networking and job shadowing opportunities. She introduced Generation Success to TD, offering diverse young talent internships and employment chances. Beyond her corporate role as Head of FICC Research Engagement & Quantitative Innovation Rachel is a qualified executive coach and National Council for Psychotherapists member, mentoring students from diverse backgrounds. She's received recognition, including the WiBF Volunteer of the Month Award and a Women in Bank & Finance 2022 Shortlist: Future Leader Award. As a corporate partner and strategic advisor for WIBF, she initiated the WIBF Leadership Academy, a pioneering program with a gender lens approach.

Akua Opong

Senior Analyst

Akua Opong is a Senior Analyst at LSEG, where over the past two years, she has facilitated conversations on women's safety, health, and career advancement for women in STEM. Akua also organizes monthly women's career series talks, covering essential topics from gender equality to tech advancement. Akua's accomplishments include implementing menstrual health initiatives, Wellbeing, mentoring and youth engagement initiatives. She's been a fervent advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace as well, actively participating in discussions and fostering innovation. Beyond LSEG, her commitment to mentorship and empowerment is evident in her engagement with various networks, such as Cajigo, LMF Network, Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech and WeAreTheCity. She is passionate about raising the profile of Women in STEM, as a STEM ambassador. She was a UN Women UK Delegate for CSW67 during IWD 2023. Akua's dedication has earned her accolades, including Brummell’s One to Watch 2023 and Women in FinTech Power list - Standout 45 (Technology Category).

Claire Pascaud

Global HR Talent Manager

Claire is a Global Talent Director at Capgemini and co-chair of the Women@Capgemini Employee Resource Group (ERG). In 2017, Claire co-created the 'Women for the Future' in Bordeaux France and pioneered the awards, a groundbreaking initiative spotlighting women's talents across all organizational levels. This program's international deployment, which she has led since 2021, has grown exponentially, celebrating 3331 nominees and 275 winners from 17 countries. Claire also onboarded Capgemini University and Diversity & Inclusion teams, fostering cross-leadership learning cohorts involving five women networks. This initiative highlights women's achievements, strenghtening their development and growth. Under Claire's leadership, Women@Capgemini's mission has flourished through international mentoring, coaching, learning & development programs, and well-being workshops. Claire's passion for fostering talent's experience aligned to business priorites, shines through her engagement in highlighting women role models in tech through portraits and storytelling endeavors.

Lin Yue

Executive Director
Goldman Sachs

Lin is a multi-award winning thought-leader in delivering the intersection of business, diversity and behavioral science. Alongside her role at Goldman Sachs, she has created talk series such as “Diversity – From Awareness to Action” focusing on behavioral science and how changes happen both internally and partnering with clients and driving changes in the industry. She articulates East Asians' experience and leads discussion on Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling, focusing on intersectionality of gender and race. She created the “How to find your voice” series to empower women, especially as working parents. Her Tedx talk - The Art of Being Different - is inspiring for ethnic minorities and future generations.

Catherine Bock

Senior Consultant
Oliver Wyman

Catherine Bock, a Senior Consultant at Oliver Wyman, drives gender diversity and positive change. Leading initiatives for International Women's Day, she orchestrated panel discussions, interviews with high-achieving women and tackled complex topics like income inequality and unconscious bias. Catherine's leadership with the Women of Oliver Wyman (WOW) team facilitated transparent communication among women, fostering open dialogue and support. She supported efforts to address unconscious biases in recruiting and shifted into an APR co-lead role, collaborating on implementing a regional gender strategy. As the Oliver Wyman for Society Lead, Catherine championed a pro bono project with Dress for Success Perth, enhancing their social impact measurement. Her coordination of volunteering initiatives further highlights her commitment to social inclusion beyond the firm, reflecting her dedication to fostering meaningful change. Catherine is currently on a Leave of Absence from Oliver Wyman, pursuing an MPhil in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge.

Jane Cusdin Harris

Retailer Experience Journey Lead

Jane leads JLR’s Gender Equality Network, passionately driving for gender balance in an organisation where only 20% are female. Her notable achievement is the 'Be the Change' campaign, promoting gender balance's business benefits and actionable steps. These engagement efforts, including a conference with over 500 attendees, have been instrumental in driving positive change for gender equality. Jane’s motivation arises from personal experiences. Over the last two years, she has embraced her voice and has tackled difficult topics by sharing her own stories of peri-menopause and mental health. She seeks to engage an audience outside of a D&I community and bring men into the journey of gender equality. Jane’s commitment extends to nurturing a supportive workplace culture for women to become role models and trailblazers. She highlights how gender balance fuels business success and amplifies change agents within the organisation. Her leadership is marked by kindness and integrity, leaving a lasting impact.

Bamidele Farinre

Pathology Quality Manager/Governance Lead
Whittington Health NHS

Bamidele Farinre, Pathology Quality Manager/Governance Lead at NHS, has cultivated an inclusive culture by fostering open communication, mentorship programs, and resource groups. She has heightened awareness, visibility, and innovation as a Freedom to Speak Up ambassador and BAME Forum staff representative. Bamidele's commitment to equity is evident through her contributions to policy reviews and her efforts to celebrate diversity within the organization. Committed to personal development, Bamidele invests in others and actively mentors aspiring scientists. Her leadership roles, including deputy chair of the Institute of Biomedical Science's Virology Special Advisory Panel and committee involvement, showcase her dedication to inclusive decision-making. As a Black woman senior leader, she ensures diverse perspectives are heard and valued. With numerous affiliations, such as being a WISE campaign role model and STEM Ambassador, her expertise is showcased through published works, podcasts, speaking engagements, and roles in recognizing excellence within healthcare science.

Maria Isaza

Global Head of Investment Operations
Man Group

Maria Isaza is Global Head of Investment Operations at Man Group and co-chair of the firm’s Women at Man (WAM) network. Under her co-leadership, WAM underwent a restructuring, introducing network pillars such as Women's Health, Allyship and Mentoring Circles. Maria has led the network’s activities, organising events with industry leaders and building partnerships with Girls Are INvestors and SEO London to enhance diversity in the workforce and showcase career pathways for those from underrepresented backgrounds. Maria also champions DEI within the Product and Client Operations department, organising speaker events with accomplished female leaders within and outside the firm. Maria’s commitment to DEI extends beyond Man Group – she is a mentor for the Women's Societies Alliance Mentorship Programme and participates in speaking engagements at schools and within the industry. She strives to be a guiding light and role model for young women and other diverse groups pursuing careers in finance.

Yeniva Massaquoi

Latham & Watkins

Yeniva is a senior associate at Latham & Watkins with extensive experience advising multinational clients on raising capital in high value cross-border transactions. Yeniva is also a member and previous Global Leader of Latham’s Women Lawyers Group (WLG), which has over 1500 members globally. As Global Leader, Yeniva drove the WLG’s mission to recruit, retain, and progress women lawyers by spearheading professional development training, mentorship, and community building, including by organising retreats, launching women-focused networks, furthering mentoring schemes, and moderating panel discussions on gender equity and progression. Prior to WLG, Yeniva was Chair of Latham’s Black Lawyers Group in London followed by two years as Global Chair of the group during which she established a number of diversity initiatives. Yeniva is also active in gender and broader DEI related pro bono work, including supporting The Windrush Legal Initiative – a free legal clinic helping applicants navigate the UK’s Windrush Compensation Scheme.

Malgorzata (Gosia) Lesniak

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Gosia Lesniak is Global Head of Talent Acquisition for the talent solutions business. Since 2020 she has led the AMS Women ERG, a platform for discussion and support, capturing women voices from regions across the world and emphasising intersectionality in its initiatives. Gosia is a passionate advocate for women’s issues, ensuring personal development, well-being and career advancement opportunities for AMS women in keeping with the company’s diversity goals. Over the past year, she has led the establishment of the AMS Career Centre in Poland, providing refugees, primarily women, from Ukraine with essential support to integrate into the Polish workforce. This initiative supports those displaced from conflict in finding jobs and offers psychological support through workshops and meetings, creating a supportive community. Gosia elevates the voices of the women and allies she inspires through internal events, external speaking opportunities and partnerships and through her support of local refugee and women initiatives.

Tasnika Goorhoo

Sr Specialist in Technical Research
S&P Global

Tasnika, a Sr Specialist in Technical Research within Upstream Solutions, Commodity Insights at S&P Global, is a WINS Southern EMEA chapter board member, representing South Africa. Tasnika has orchestrated impactful events, at times extending to global panels, on career development, imposter syndrome, career coaching, and cultural and gender diversity. As a leader of the ladies' network for the Club of Engineers, Tasnika forges connections among women in engineering, creating a supportive environment and opportunities. She has also stepped in the role as a Cape Town ambassador for Future Females, driving the mission to amplify women’s entrepreneurship and success stories. Tasnika's dedication to mentoring extends to the WomEng, where she empowers high school girls. As a Chemical Engineer, Tasnika is an equality advocate determined to ensure female empowerment and sustainable progress in the energy sector, leading her to delivering a TEDxYouth@CapeTown talk on the topic.

Sophie McHale

External Communications and Sustainability Manager
The Co-operative Bank

Sophie, External Communications and Sustainability Manager at The Co-operative Bank serves as the Chair of the Elevate (Gender) colleague network, where she drives initiatives to empower women and promote gender equality across the business. Sophie's leadership has elevated the network's impact, fostering progress in critical areas. She spearheaded efforts to promote women's health, resulting in the implementation of supportive policies and the distribution of free and environmentally friendly period products. Sophie's commitment extends to addressing societal issues and supporting survivors of domestic and economic abuse through partnerships with organisations like Refuge. Her strategic collaborations with the Bank’s suppliers promote diversity in tech, and she regularly organises career inspiration sessions for colleagues to combat gender pay disparities. Recognised for her efforts, Greater Manchester Digital has featured Sophie's work, and she continues to lead seminars to share best practices on inclusion.

Khushboo Pandey

Lead Digital Strategist
National Grid

Khushboo, a Lead Business Strategist at National Grid, champions the Women in National Grid (WiNG) group, leading impactful initiatives that drive positive change. Khushboo's focus areas within the WiNG group exemplify her commitment to fostering an equitable workplace. She has spearheaded the Pay-Gap Initiative, researching gender pay disparity and working towards pay parity. Her dedication to inclusivity extends to advocating for fair representation of women of color, neurodiverse individuals, those with unique abilities, and LGBTQ+ members. Beyond her role at National Grid, Khushboo's advocacy extends to her work with government initiatives and policy design. She was a policy advocate and mentor for start-ups and incubators, contributing to policies that empower and include women in nation-building. Her efforts have led to impactful changes, such as championing special incentives for women in start-up policies and advocating for women's inclusion in government-funded incubators.

Paola Maffezzoni

Head of Marketing & Comms, GroupM Italy - PR & Marketing Director, WPP Italy

Paola is Operations Director in Italy for Stella project, the global networking group whose purpose is to inspire and enable WPP women to maximize their potential and fuel WPP growth through increased diversity. It collaborates with some industry big players to create initiatives dedicated to DEI. Some of the projects Paola has been responsible for organizing have included a ‘Fast Forward Women’ training with Meta, inspiring women in their careers; a WPP ‘#IAmRemarkable’ workshop with Google Italia; pro-bono activities for women entrepreneurs in the world of technology and to create adv campaigns for associations that support women in troubled countries (e.g. Afghan women). Paola is a mentor for the young generation of marketers, she has been invited to join as speaker to external events, such as WomenXImpact, an event dedicated to women empowerment where she had the chance to be a role model for marketing community.

Muneebah Quyyam

Senior Engineer

Muneebah is an award-winning Senior Engineer, specialising in Systems Engineering and is working for AtkinsRéalis in the Transportation sector. Muneebah works front-line with clients, providing her expertise in optimising, analysing, and transforming their complex systems. Muneebah champions ED&I at all levels within the company. She co-created an ED&I questionnaire, and its use has been instrumental in the selection of diverse suppliers. Muneebah gave a thought provoking ‘Allyship in the Spotlight’ interview, published on the company’s World News, which sparked a company-wide allyship week. Muneebah mentors young professionals & senior leaders and delivers keynote speeches to promote women’s diversity and inclusion. Muneebah is also recognised externally as an influential role model and is a member of the WISE Young Professionals Board; she creates national STEM competitions and collaborates with International Publishers spotlighting women role models in educational books. Furthermore, she was appointed as a national judge for external ED&I industry awards.

Divya Shree

Data Analyst Manager
NatWest Group

Divya is a Data Analyst Manager at NatWest Group. Her commitment to fostering awareness led to the creation of 'BLOSSOM,' an impactful initiative addressing menstrual health and difficult conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis through informative videos. As the Women In Big Data community owner within her area in D&A, Divya facilitates a platform for women's growth and collaboration. Her leadership extends to supporting women on maternity leave and their return to work, through various proposed initiatives(Maternity Checklist, Veteran Mummies group). She has received recognition from senior executives (including group CEO) for her dedication. Divya's passion for mentoring is evident through her work with NatWest employees and her free LinkedIn Mentorship group. A finalist for both WiT Excellence, WiF award and a driving force behind digital tools for reporting online abuse as part of the UN women CSW67 group, Divya is dedicated to promoting resilience, skill development, and equal representation for women.

Vivian Falcão

Senior Labor Lawyer
Mattos Filho

As a devoted advocate for women's rights, Vivian, Senior Labor Lawyer at Mattos Filho, leverages her unique perspective as a mother to champion improved guidelines and benefits for working mothers in her firm, showcasing her commitment to fostering a more inclusive work environment. Vivian's dedication extends beyond her firm, as she actively engages in initiatives promoting women's presence in the legal field. Her impact has earned her recognition, featured in various categories in a prominent women-focused ranking. Vivian's leadership shines through events she has organized, addressing the challenges faced by women in the workplace and featuring distinguished speakers.

Caroline Spence

Head of UK&I Chief Risk Office

Caroline chairs AXA’s Balance Network, which focuses on gender equality and supporting working families. Over 2 years, Caroline has supported the release of a Home School Hub, to support parents home-schooling their children during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the launch of a Women’s Wellbeing Hub, to provide a supportive resource for women and help educate those across the organisation. During this time, over 15 ‘People Like Me’ vlogs have been released, spotlighting those who don’t let prejudice, stereotypes or perceived shortcomings prevent them from achieving their goals. In addition, over 5 Virtual Speed Mentoring sessions have been run which connect mentees and mentors to have conversations around career progression, networking and interview skills. Caroline also supported with the update of the Menopause Policy and the creation of a Domestic Abuse Policy and Hub, with the aim of increasing awareness and creating a safe and supportive environment for anyone suffering.

Karen Taluskie

Senior Manager Vapor Deploy
Reynolds American

Karen Taluskie, Senior Manager of Vapor Deploy at Reynolds American, is the organization's Women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) Co-Lead. Under her leadership, the ERG's membership grew by 15%, becoming the company's largest ERG. Karen plays a pivotal role in shaping the ERG's strategy, vision, and monthly activities, fostering a culture of awareness, professional development, and community service. Her commitment extends beyond Reynolds American. Karen is an engaged alumna of WOMEN Unlimited Inc., where she mentors and actively participates in initiatives promoting gender parity and inclusiveness. She also serves her community as a volunteer with The Parenting PATH, working to prevent child abuse and neglect, and LEAD Girls, empowering at-risk preteen girls through education and support.

Tanja Velling

PSL Counsel
Slaughter and May

Since becoming the Gender Equality Network (GEN) Chair in 2017, the network has grown to over 100 members and organized various events. These include a panel consisting of four women partners discussing career journeys and the legal industry, co-hosted by Macfarlanes and NOTICED for International Women's Day (IWD), a talk by Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi, authors of Taking Up Space: The Black Girl's Manifesto for Change, co-hosted by the Diverse Network in 2021 and a roundtable with Angela Darlington for IWD, co-hosted by the LGBTQ+ network, on workplace inclusion of lesbian and bi women. Tanja also organized the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that offered free breast examinations by a nurse and helped put together a podcast series for International Day of Families that shares the experiences of having children. She has also been mentoring with the 30% Club supporting mentees with career planning and the King's College Women in Law Society Mother-Daughter mentoring program.

Nadia Radulovich

Head of Utility Services
HSBC Bank Argentina

Nadia is the Head of Utility Services at HSBC Bank Argentina. In 2017, she became a member of the local HSBC Balance ERG, empowering colleagues globally to achieve gender balance. She rapidly progressed within the ERG, co-championing the Networking Workstream in 2020 and becoming the Local ERG President in 2021. Under her leadership, the ERG delivered over 45 initiatives promoting leadership, sustainability, networking, coaching, allyship, and cancer awareness targeting the Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay ERG members. Beyond HSBC, she is part of the Vital Voices South Cone network, where she participated as a mentee in the Vital Voices South Cone "Women Leaders Program" and engages in different activities. Nadia's dedication to women's advancement is evident as she completes the cycle by serving as an HSBC Mentor, guiding colleagues and her team in their career progression.

Corina Callan

Principal Engineer
Oliver Wyman

Corina Callan, Principal Engineer at Oliver Wyman, is the leader of our London women’s network and the driving force behind the new women's network for the Digital practice at the firm, fostering support and collaboration among women globally. She works to close the confidence gap, providing practical guidance before year-end reviews to enhance review writing and self-promotion skills. As a mentor, Corina supports colleagues across consulting and tech, leveraging her experience to guide them through various processes. She is also instrumental in the International Women's Day initiatives, collaborating with different women's networks. Her leadership extends to organizing panel events on critical topics like career progression and women in leadership. Corina is also a member of the tech talent charter, a speaker at industry conferences, and an attendee of diversity and inclusion awards events.

Sarah Chapman

Technical Leader and North Europe STEM Champion

Sarah initially trained in ballet until an inspirational teacher steered her towards a rewarding career in STEM, a story she recently shared in a TEDx talk entitled “Why we need STEM role models who are a bit less brilliant” which challenged the genius scientist stereotype. A Technical Manager at global science-based technology company, 3M, and working parent, Sarah is a role model and champion for diversity in STEM. She chairs the 3M EMEA Technical Women's Leadership Forum which has delivered #IAmRemarkable workshops to over 500 people and was recently appointed as North Europe STEM Champion enabling her to take her STEM volunteering to a new level and support 3M’s pledge to create five million unique STEM and Skilled Trades learning experiences for underrepresented individuals by the end of 2025. A governor at Farnborough College of Technology, she was recognised as a ‘Rising Star in Education’ in the WeAreTheCity Rising Star Awards 2022.

Anne Marie Elona-Lainez

Learning Consultant

Anne is a Learning Consultant at IBM and a Co-Lead for IBMHer ASEAN+Korea Women's Business Resource Group, driving initiatives and programs for women empowerment, DEI, wellness, and volunteering. She played a key role in the IBMHer IWD 2023 Celebration and spearheaded the closing celebration, Embracing Equity Through Corporate Social Responsibility, that celebrated the intersectionality of IBMHer, EAGLE, PwDA BRGs and IBM CSR. Anne's dedication to spreading awareness and promoting learning drove major contributions towards the creation and management of the IBMHer website. She’s also a core contributor to Women in the Corner Office and a catalyst for global learning events, mentoring sessions, and workshops, covering topics like allyship and financial independence. Anne’s a certified #IAmRemarkable facilitator, challenging perceptions on self-promotion and improving skills for women and underrepresented groups. She also works with other organizations to promote STEM education and technology trends. Her unwavering dedication continues to empower women and foster diversity within IBM and beyond.

Dionne Condor-Farrell

Application Development Manager - STEM
Transport for London

Dionne is an Application Development Manager at Transport for London (TfL). As Co-Lead of TfL's Women in Tech Community, she co-leads a team of 13 volunteers, spearheading coding workshops, advice sessions, and tech talks for a thriving community of over 200 individuals. Her passion for nurturing women's tech careers shines through as she facilitates shadowing, work experience and mentoring opportunities. As Career Development Lead for TfL's RACE SNG, Dionne tackles diversity gaps directly, orchestrating events like the "Journey To Your Career Success" series and empowering 125+ attendees with insights from senior professionals. In 2022, she launched Techfidence, a career coaching service offering the Confidence Coaching Programme that allows women to transition into tech roles with remarkable results. Dionne's impact extends to published works like "Black and Great" and "The Voices In the Shadow" and recognition on the Computer Weekly Most Influential Women in Tech UK Tech 2022 and 2023 long list.

Sharniya Ferdinand

Enterprise Community Strategy Director
NatWest Group

Sharniya, Enterprise Community Strategy Director at Natwest Group, is dedicated to advancing gender equality and fostering intersectional empowerment. Appointed in October 2021 to drive collaboration across networks, Sharniya's impact has been remarkable. She orchestrates events of profound implications, including 'Black Female Excellence' and 'The Power of Black Femininity,' engaging hundreds in discussions on intersectionality. Sharniya's commitment to mentorship is evident through her work with graduate colleagues, supporting them to secure permanent roles and promotions. She has also created a Black Female Colleagues' Network that provides a safe space for connection. Moreover, she champions women's recognition through external awards and shapes dialogues on entrepreneurship, gender balance, and empowerment through hosted events and webinars.

Sindhura Kola

IT Manager
Boeing India Pvt. Ltd.

Sindhura Kola, an IT Manager at Boeing India Engineering Technology Centre, is the Co-Chair of Boeing Women Inspiring Leadership (BWIL) Bangalore chapter. Since its inception in 2020, she has spearheaded initiatives that empower women and allies to thrive at Boeing. Under her leadership, BWIL's strategies have provided access to networking, business alignment, professional development, and community outreach opportunities, contributing to personal and professional growth. Beyond BWIL, she initiated the informal networking group 'Sakhi' during the pandemic, evolving into the flagship program My3(pronounced as Maitriye) with the support of other Women Leaders, fostering connections, storytelling, and mentorship among women employees. Her dedication to diversity and inclusion earned her the Quarterly Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight award twice. Sindhura's promotion of external affiliations and emphasis on recognizing D&I efforts has transformed the culture, amplifying the voices of those championing diversity and inclusion within Boeing and the broader community.

Maryse Gordon

Partnerships and Business Development Manager

Maryse Chairs the RepRisk’s DEIB Committee and has helped build the strategy following years of experience as Vice Chair New York Women's Inspired Network (WIN) and Co-Chair Black Employee Network at LSEG. Maryse supported over 100 members in bringing opportunities to enhance career and personal development, through workshops, networking, and speaker events to address topical issues from parenthood and well-being to financial independence and leadership. At RepRisk, Maryse is tasked with embedding DEIB as a core pillar for the 300+ strong employee base, bringing education, resources and opportunities for personal and career development. Maryse is on the advisory board for the Criminal Justice Alliance, Defy Ventures and the Raphael Rowe Foundation, bringing the subject of diversity and inclusion to the formerly incarcerated community and bridging the gap between corporates and those who require a second chance

Chloe Howe

Head of Central Operations - Installations

Chloe launched the Wickes Balance for the Better Network in 2019 and continues to co-chair it. She mentors three colleagues internally and uses the network to amplify women's voices and drive equity and equality. Chloe has worked with the senior leadership team to understand their role as gender allies and sponsors of female talent, launching the Gender Ally program which is open to all colleagues. Since launching in September 2021, they now have over 140 allies across the company. In December 2021, Chloe launched Wickes’ period positive campaign which aimed to normalize conversations on the topic, remove the stigma around it and make period products available free of charge to all Wickes colleagues who need them. Wickes is trialling flexible working for Retail Managers. By providing greater flexibility in leadership roles, Wickes believes that they can retain and attract great female talent.

Dipti Kulkarni

Senior Vice President, Senior Business Support Manager
Bank of America

Dipti Kulkarni is a business support manager for the Consumer, Business & Wealth Management Technology team at Bank of America. An advocate for diversity and inclusion (D&I) for almost a decade, she received the Bank of America’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Award in 2019 and 2021. She puts her passion for inspiring and mentoring women to work supporting several bank efforts, including as a panelist a Diversity Series during Women's History month; and as a speaker for multiple Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development for Women events promoting finding your Authentic Voice and Domestic Violence Awareness. Dipti also helped organize a bank-hosted D&I Courageous Conversation in partnership with the Asian Leadership Network, Black Professional Group and Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership and Advancement. Externally, she has led a Mentoring Circle event on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and mentors young professional women to help them navigate their careers.

Chimuka Muyovwe

Director, Business Planning Manager to Regional CEO, Europe and Global D&I Council Secretary
Standard Chartered Bank

Chimuka is the Director and Business Planning Manager for the office of the Regional CEO for Europe and Americas, Standard Chartered Bank and based in London. She is also the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council Secretary, working in close collaboration with the Group Diversity & Inclusion team to improve representation of women in senior leadership positions. Her relentless dedication is testament to her unwavering commitment to gender equality and inclusion efforts. Outside of work, Chimuka is also a Director for When Females Lead, an NGO dedicated to empowering ambitious women in Africa through mentorship and career guidance. Her advocacy for underrepresented women of colour is commendable and reflects a commitment to fostering positive change in her community and beyond. Chimuka also chairs Agova, a women-led business development consultancy, and serves on the Board of Directors for Copper Rose Zambia, a leading youth led organization driving change in gender and health.

Lauren Neal

Project Manager

Lauren is a Project Manager at bp, where she co-chaired one of bp's regional Women's International Networks. Within two years, under her guidance, network membership surged from 12 to over 200 participants, encompassing both genders. She mentors several young professional women, offering guidance and networking opportunities. Her role enables women to visit construction sites with industry leaders like OneSubsea and GE, fostering exposure to lesser-known sectors. Lauren's impact extends to organizing events on psychological safety and unconscious bias, sparking global dialogues. As a leader in LeanIn Equity and Sustainability, she shapes workplace cultures. Her speaking engagements empower women, including the "EveryWoman in Tech Forum," sharing career transition advice. A multi-award winner, Lauren's accolades include WeAreTheCity Rising Stars and WeAreTechWomen awards. Her podcast appearances and upcoming book, "Valued at Work: Shining a Light on Bias to Engage, Enable and Retain Women in STEM," demonstrate her commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces.

Zaina Alhejin

Head of Communication Saudi Arabia

Zaina Alhejin is the Head of Communication at Boeing Saudi Arabia. Her passion for equity, inclusion and empowerment prompted her to lead since 2019, the Boeing Women Inspiring Leadership (BWIL) Business Resource Group, for the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Saudi Arabia region; a group aimed at building equity and developing both men and women in the enterprise. Her main tasks are focused on promoting women leaders both internally and externally, while emphasizing the concept of Allyship. Zaina also leads Boeing Global Engagement efforts in the Kingdom, in which she develops and grows partnerships with non-profit organizations like AlNahdah, Rofaida, and Mawada to support educational awareness, health initiatives, and financial independence for women. Her active participation in initiatives like SheInspires, exemplifies her dedication to women's empowerment in information technology, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiatives. Zaina enjoys creating engaging learning environments enabled by diversity and inclusion to tackle future challenges with creativity and innovation.

Rochelle Samuel

Sustainability Manager, CertainTeed Roofing
Saint-Gobain North America

Rochelle Samuel is the Sustainability Manager for CertainTeed Roofing at Saint-Gobain North America, where she co-founded LEAD (Leading Efforts for Ancestral Diversity) in 2017, fostering an open culture for employees of all backgrounds. Her two-year board membership enhanced SGNA's inclusivity through training, events, and development. Rochelle is one of leads for the Women's Network Steering Committee, partnering with businesses to attract, develop, and retain talented women across 13 North American hubs. Passionate about women and minorities in engineering and sustainability, Rochelle promotes inclusion in historically underrepresented fields. Rochelle's commitment extends beyond SGNA. With the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), she is a mentor and speaks on sustainability and career development. With the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), she connects professional development opportunities with local colleges and universities. Her dedication builds a roster of talented engineers and furthers diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tejal Shah

Global Head, Talent Development

Tejal relaunched and Chairs the Global Women at Kantar ERG from 2022.  In 2023, she led Kantar’s best IWD celebrations yet which engaged thousands of colleagues with global intersectional events including a “Disruption Talk” on Embracing Equity, and an internal and external campaign that went viral about what Embracing Equity meant to Kantar colleagues. Membership to the ERG skyrocketed by 45% with new ERG chapters launched for Women in Tech and in North America. Tejal led leadership talent reviews using D&I data and led production of a video setting out key themes from the lived experience of Women at Kantar resulting in better awareness at Exec level and creation of ambitious leadership gender targets. She has also led the launch of our most inclusive Global Mentoring Programme, which gives priority access to ERG members and also offers reverse mentoring, to help all colleagues learn from each other and realise their potential.

Amanda Paris

Senior Manager, Global Workforce Consulting
Deloitte Tax LLP

As a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Global Workforce Consulting practice, Amanda helps transform multinational organizations’ talent mobility programs, including mobility strategy, policy, and service delivery. In alignment with her personal passions, Amanda is also the Deloitte Women & Allies Midwest Hub leader, representing and empowering over 4,000 women across the region. With a passion for fostering community and self-advocacy, Amanda organizes events and initiatives focused on leadership, empowerment, intersectionality, and nonprofit engagement. For approximately 2.5 years, Amanda has held this impactful leadership position, leveraging her skills to make a difference. Drawing on her nonprofit background, she volunteers with organizations like the YWCA and Girl Scouts, teaching Deloitte’s Business Chemistry to enhance collaboration and leadership skills. Her involvement spans a decade, reflecting her commitment to advancing women and diverse communities. Amanda's efforts extend beyond gender equity, as she liaises with various Inclusion Council communities to broaden the impact of diversity initiatives.

Ana Isabel Elvira Molina

Domain Tech Lead Shared Services developement in TDI division (Technology, Data & Innovation)
Deutsche Bank Spain

Ana is a Domain Tech Lead for Shared Services development in the TDI division at Deutsche Bank Spain. She's a technical expert and a Founding Member of WiB Spain (Women in Banking), advocating for diversity in the banking sector. WiB Spain, endorsed by multiple banks, including Deutsche Bank, aims to elevate women's presence in decision-making positions. Ana fosters collaboration between WiB Spain and Deutsche Bank Spain, empowering women talent and inspiring new generations through role models. Ana actively contributes to WiB Spain's expansion, growing from 7 to 16 banks with over 100 women. As a Steering Committee member, she shapes the strategy and actions. Her engaging #WibTalks connect women experts in banking. Ana works on creating WiB as an association, conducting a market study on women in Spanish banking, and curating a directory of women leaders.

Nikeisha Beckford

Group Director of Client Engagement

Nikeisha Beckford, Group Director of Client Engagement at VMLY&R, leads the agency’s Detroit office. As Office Lead and former Fluorescent Co-chair, VMLY&R's Black employee resource group, she has championed inclusion and belonging within the organization's 18 nationwide offices, particularly for Black women. She co-produced and co-hosted VMLY&R's 2022 Just Ad Flava conference, engaging employees and client partners in conversations about Black health, wellness, and culture in advertising. A true advocate for women's well-being, Nikeisha co-produced community conversations and fireside chats for Just Ad Flava, touching on navigating the healthcare system and prioritizing mental and emotional wellness. She's also a co-founder of The Level, a vodcast dissecting cultural, corporate, and industry issues, and she's featured at "Wednesday Wellth" discussions by Hue, a nonprofit amplifying BIPOC voices and careers. A founding member of Detroit's Black Girls Social Club, she's dedicated to sisterhood, community, and mentoring, exemplifying her commitment to uplifting women.

Lara Jewinat

Engineering Director

Lara, Engineering Director at Orsted, was elected as Co-Chair for the Gender Inclusion network in Region Europe where she has led impactful initiatives to support Orsted's EDI aspirations. In her capacity, Lara has spearheaded various initiatives. Among them, a Gender Inclusion global newsletter that highlights talent and sheds light on the challenges women face in the workplace, and showcasing senior management perspectives and support on the topic. Lara's dedication to positive change is palpable through her orchestration of awareness workshops, which tackle bias, promote healthy money habits, and address bullying, harassment, and discrimination. She championed a campaign aimed at unraveling personal biases, fostering awareness of internal predispositions. Additionally, she initiated a Coffee Roulette, fostering networking and dismantling barriers throughout the organization. Collaborating with Monika Izydorczyk, VP Partnerships, Professional Women Network in Copenhagen, Lara co-created the empowering "Women in Energy breakfast" series, facilitating connections, shared experiences, and the fortification of diversity and inclusivity within the energy sector.

Jill Chrencik

Principal Scientist

Jill Chrencik is the Principal Scientist at Merck. Over two years as co-lead of the SSF Women's Network, she initiated inspiring talks spotlighting women in science. She launched the impactful #IAmRemarkable campaign, expanding its reach globally within the organization. Jill's unwavering commitment extends to gender balance within her department. As the driving force behind the CSC Women's Committee, she introduced campaigns fostering support, public speaking skills, and diversity awareness. Her initiatives have been pivotal in creating a more inclusive environment. Jill's impact reaches beyond her organization. She spearheads diversity initiatives at conferences like SACNAS and NOBCChE, advocating for the next generation of scientists. Active within the HBA, she empowers women, and her engagement with local schools and Girl Scouts exemplifies her dedication to inspiring STEM interest in young minds.

Allison Endara

Head of Strategic Communications and Campaigns, Investment Solutions
UBS Financial Services

Allison is the Head of Strategic Communications and Campaigns, Investment Solutions at UBS Financial Services. As a mentor, Allison has guided rising women leaders in the Wealth Management division, imparting skills to advocate for themselves and pursue leadership roles. Serving as Co-Chair of the Pride Americas Network, she has played a pivotal role in driving LGBTQ+ allyship and advocacy across divisions through impactful programming, events, and workshops. Allison's impact extends beyond UBS. She partnered with UCLA School of Law to host an event on the implications of Roe v. Wade, shedding light on its effects on marginalized communities. Her recognition by "100 Women in Finance" underscores her dedication to promoting gender equity and diversity of thought within the finance sector. Outside of UBS, Allison actively supports grassroots women's health and social justice organizations, further exemplifying her commitment to positively impacting women and communities

Eugenia Linares Traiman

HXM Global Business Partner

The HXM Global Business Partner at SAP, Eugenia, created innovative and impactful panel events that brought attention to the experiences and challenges faced by various groups. From topics on diverse families and lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women, her events provide platforms for sharing stories, promoting allyship, and fostering understanding. She also champions education, coordinating English and Computing lessons for transgender women. As the leader of the Pride ENG for Latin America and the Caribbean, Eugenia fosters an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees. At the same time, her involvement with other ENGs advances gender equality for women. Her mentorship extends beyond her organization as she helps women from other companies establish their own ENG to support women in technology. Eugenia also volunteers at NGOs supporting transgender women and women with mental health issues, actively participating in fundraising, reintegration programs, and awareness campaigns.

Jordan Pearson

Senior Design Analyst
Lloyds Banking Group

Jordan is a Senior Design Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group who is extremely passionate about encouraging women and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to embrace opportunities in technology. She recently worked to develop and deliver Lloyds Banks' inaugural virtual work experience program, where she introduced 11-14-year-olds to the world of data. Her dedication to youth development extends beyond this initiative, having volunteered with over 1,000 young people to date. Jordan's impact goes beyond her workplace, she founded, a platform to support women's career journeys in tech, data, and coding. She shares valuable insights through blogs, tutorials, and community-building activities. She has also spoken at conferences and workshops, emphasizing the significance of STEM education for girls. By mentoring through organizations like Brightside, she has guided young women through critical career decisions. Jordan's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive tech industry is evident in her efforts to inspire the next generation.

Yosr Hamza

Director, Legal & Compliance - Middle East

Yosr Hamza, Director of Legal & Compliance - Middle East at Gartner, co-leads the Legal & Compliance Inclusion Council, where she has spearheaded initiatives that leave a lasting impact. From establishing internship programs to launching mentorship programs, Yosr's commitment shines through. Moreover, Yosr's individual to over 15 individuals, supporting recent graduates and senior professionals across multiple countries. She advocates for women's empowerment and champions fellow women in the legal field, challenging gender norms, advocating for authentic leadership, storytelling and fostering equitable opportunities to lift one another. Outside Gartner, she contributed to the LexisNexis Middle East Arab Women in Law book. She initiated DEI themed Coffee Chat series for ACC Women in the House, fostering open dialogue and creating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive network.

Vanessa Marrou

Global Product Manager - Claims
Liberty Mutual

Vanessa Marrou is a Global Product Manager at Liberty Mutual Insurance, she is also the National Co-Chair of Amigos, an ERG dedicated to the Hispanic and Latino Community.  Vanessa supported the launch of a Mentorship Program, growing it 2.5 times since its 2021 start. With a total of 224 members, the program has a 79% Net Promoter Score demonstrating its success among the community participating. Vanessa was also fundamental in launching a Language Exchange Program that brings together over 500 participants globally, promoting language skills and cross-cultural networking with more than half of the participants being women. Vanessa's commitment to cultural events is evident in her orchestration of Hispanic Heritage Month keynotes, doubling participation in two years. Vanessa is proud of directly mentored two Latina women on her team, leading to their recent promotions. Beyond work, Vanessa volunteers as a coach in the Celtics Little League, empowering young girls.

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

Team Lead and Product Owner
BAE Systems

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee is a multi-award-winning chartered aerospace engineer and STEM Ambassador working as a Team Lead and Product Owner at BAE Systems. As a steering group member of the company's Gender Equity Network Employee Resource Group (ERG), she is involved in orchestrating impactful events. Beyond BAE Systems, Krystina actively engages with organizations through her participation as a speaker, mentor, STEM ambassador, Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering council member and as a cluster coordinator for the Merseyside Women's Engineering Society, exemplifying her dedication to fostering connections and empowering women engineers.

Geeta Gupta

Director, Application Development Manager
BNY Mellon

Geeta Gupta, a Senior Group Manager at BNY Mellon, passionately advocates diversity and skill development in the tech industry. With over a quarter of her team being women, Geeta actively fosters an inclusive environment while mentoring talented women and attracting more women talent. As a member of the Leadership Team for the Women in Engineering New York Chapter, Geeta leads communications and engages senior leaders to create an inclusive atmosphere. Beyond her role, Geeta mentors students in BNY Mellon's intern program, empowering them with essential skills and insights into corporate culture. Her impact also extends to community involvement, where she's volunteered since 2008, teaching Hindi and programming languages to children from diverse backgrounds, promoting cross-cultural awareness, and enhancing students' science and mathematics performance.

Ayesha Afzal

Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU)

Ayesha Afzal, a Researcher at the Erlangen National High-Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU), has secured first place in the Ph.D. Forum Award at ISC HIGH PERFORMANCE and has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications, showcasing her outstanding work in high-performance computing. Awards such as the WearetheCity’s Global Award for Achievement 2023 and her consistent contribution in international conferences as a co-chair, committee member, reviewer, and active speaker highlight her commitment to advancing women in STEM. Ayesha's passion for inclusive technology shines through her mentorship efforts and involvement as an ambassador and advisor in initiatives promoting diversity in STEM. Ayesha also inspires scientists and continually promotes technical women by providing them with opportunities and guidance. Her advocacy, interviews, and networking amplify her impact in encouraging women to excel in STEM fields.

Najiyah Chowdhury

Senior Manager Audit - Wealth & Asset Management
Ernest & Young

During her tenure as an Audit Manager at Deloitte, Najiyah championed change through her active involvement in two critical networks. In the Women's Network, Najiyah created forums for women to address challenges hindering their progression and advocated for organizational changes to promote the retention and recruitment of women. She facilitated interactions between women senior leaders and interns, sharing experiences that inspired and empowered them. As a member of the Working Parents Network, Najiyah pioneered flexible working arrangements for staff with children, fostering a supportive work environment. Her influence extended beyond her profession, as she engaged with students to inspire careers in science and accounting. She guided aspiring accountants through mentoring, including a successful placement at a Big 4 firm. Najiyah's commitment reaches beyond her field, exemplified by her talks and mentoring for minority students. Her journey as a Muslim British Bangladeshi woman inspires others to overcome obstacles and excel.

Linda Lim

Compliance Services, APAC Head
Barclays Bank PLC

With a passion for people development, Linda - Compliance Services APAC Head at Barclays - has become a beacon of change by actively mentoring young women. As co-chair of WIN Singapore, Linda orchestrates initiatives that attract, empower, and advance women across all levels of the organization. Through leadership sessions, panel discussions, mentoring, and speed networking, she shapes a supportive environment for achieving gender equality. Linda's influence extends beyond Barclays as she advocates for diversity and growth. Leading the inaugural pioneer Women in Compliance Sponsorship program in APAC, Linda addresses the underrepresentation of women in leadership by identifying and nurturing their potential and the program has successfully elevated colleagues to achieve their career aspirations. Her dedication resonates in her role as a mentor for the pioneer batch of the Singapore Leadership Network mentoring program, sharing experiences that inspire others.

Jeramie Sutton

Healthcare Sales Leader - South

Jeramie, Healthcare Sales Leader at Microsoft, is a member of the company's leadership teams for the race and ethnicity Employee Resource Group (ERG) EMBRACE and the women's ERG. Jeramie is pivotal in fostering an inclusive environment, leading external partnerships for EMBRACE, and demonstrating her commitment to creating positive change beyond the organization. Jeramie's influence extends to mentoring early-in-career women colleagues within Microsoft, providing guidance and support that has resulted in enhanced responsibilities and improved team interactions. Beyond Microsoft, she is a mentor for Urban Synergy, contributing to youth empowerment, and serves as a trustee for Kernow Learning, a multi-academy trust. She actively contributes to external initiatives and programs such as TC4RE, Change the Race Ratio, and Black Tech Nexus, collaborating with industry leaders to drive DEI improvements across the tech sector.

Obonu Rachael Davies

Senior EMA GTM Program Manager
GoTo Technologies

As a trailblazing founder and seasoned business consultant, Obonu brings an unparalleled depth of expertise to the world of multinational programs. With an illustrious career, she has consistently harnessed innovation, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to excellence to drive transformative change on a global scale. Beyond her day-to-day role, Obonu is a sought-after thought leader and speaker, gracing international stages and publications with her insights on the future of global business, innovation, and leadership. Notably, she orchestrated a multi-faceted International Women's Day celebration, empowering upcoming generations, honouring leaders, and fostering allies. She serves as the Country Lead for Black Girls in Tech Ireland, creating a safe space for women in tech to connect, support, and uplift each other. Her dedication has been recognized by Digital Business Ireland, The Irish Centre for Diversity, and IMAGE magazine, nominating her as a next-gen leader.

Rocio Del Mar Cárdenas

Scrum Master, Product Owner & Technical Engineer
Fujitsu Technology Solutions S.A.

As a volunteer and organizer of the Diversity and Inclusion group at Fujitsu, Rocío actively collaborates on activities and awareness-raising proposals either in and out the company. She is a facilitator of Google’s #IAmRemarkable workshops and managed to teach online with other companies workshops this year to help empower women and minority groups to break the glass ceiling. In addition, she has put together a Spotlight blog and prepared a Brave, Bold & Brilliant podcast together with Tulia Lopes to inspire and help other women.

Mallory Allen

Product Manager

Mallory Allen, a Product Manager at WizeHive, is a driving force behind establishing the company's Women in Tech employee resource group. Mallory has set innovative goals and actively improved the work environment through consistent check-ins and personalized guidance. Her commitment to empowering individuals to find their voice and communicate effectively has cultivated a supportive and inclusive work environment. Mallory's impact extends to strategic initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization. Leveraging data-driven insights from employees, she has successfully built buy-in from the Executive team, resulting in several internal DEI initiatives, including an Annual Culture Celebration Event, Employee Resource Group Charters and a proper reporting process with HR.. Outside of work. Mallory's dedication to social justice is evident through her involvement in the Rockford Women's Club, where she supports initiatives like the NWVU Rockford SheVets Philanthropic Project.

Shivani Naveen

Associate Director, Professional Services

Shivani, Associate Director of Professional Services, spearheaded impactful initiatives at MoEngage, collaborating with HR to launch the Menstrual Leave Policy, creating a more inclusive environment for women by pitching to install sanitary napkin dispensers, and promoting gender balance through strategic women hiring. Shivani's commitment to elevating women's voices is showcased in her high-profile speaking engagements. She organized a session featuring Dr. Kiran Bedi (24th Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, first Indian woman to be appointed head of the United Nations Police) discussing women's empowerment and self-care. Additionally, she curated a panel discussion featuring accomplished women leaders, delving into career development and leadership. Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, Shivani orchestrated internal DEI awards at MoEngage. Moreover, her dedication to social responsibility shines through her efforts in conducting donation drives for various essential items, benefitting NGOs like Mahila Daskhata Samiti, Bangalore, India.

Melissa McLean

Senior Manager - Product Data Management
Reynolds American

Melissa McLean, Senior Manager of Product Data Management at Reynolds American, is the Co-Lead of her organization's Women's Employee Resource Group (WERG). Through this group, Melissa has led panels on various topics, from celebrating cultural heritage to fostering authenticity in the workplace. Her dedication led to her recognition as an "Embrace Equity" award recipient for Women's History Month 2023. Melissa's advocacy goes beyond the workplace. Overcoming a low-income background, she passionately mentors young girls in Guilford County Public Schools, tutors in STEM, and volunteers with Senior Services Meals on Wheels, delivering meals to senior citizens. She also contributes to the annual FIRST Robotics Competition, inspiring high schoolers in STEM journeys. She helps lead fundraising efforts for LEAD Girls’ annual LEAD-A-THON, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake. A proud member of the REACH Women's Network, Melissa radiates positivity and serves as a sponsor for her teams and colleagues.

Samrudhi Vaghmare

Senior Consultant

Samrudhi, a Senior Consultant at EY, is the Co-Lead of EY's Data & Analytics DEI Team. Samrudhi champions diversity within the practice, and crafts recruitment and retention strategies – driving gender, race, and other diverse representation across 700+ employees. As a Strategic Partner for EY's DEI Recruiting team, she elevates underrepresented voices. Hosting 150 students from Out for Undergrad’s (O4U) MOSAIC Program, she garnered recognition for her impact from EY senior leadership. Samrudhi's influence shined as Conference Director at the 2023 O4U Business Conference. Orchestrating an exceptional event, she prioritized intersectionality within the LGBTQ+ community and facilitated connections with HBCUs and Women's Colleges. Samrudhi also mentors at Correlation One, where she empowers young women in data fluency through the DS4A Program, amplifying representation in tech, consulting, and finance.

Jessie Chen

Head of Marketing Deployment, APMEA North
British American Tobacco

Jessie Chen, the Head of Marketing Deployment, APMEA North at British American Tobacco, is the first woman Country Manager for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Her leadership exemplifies how women can drive business growth and influence the organization. Her contributions include active participation in International Women's Day workshops, DEI activities, and leadership-sharing sessions. Jessie's involvement in the Workplace Culture Focus Group showcases her dedication to fostering an inclusive environment. She's made strides in recruitment, training, coaching, as well as successfully mentoring other female talents into leadership positions. Jessie's commitment extends to community engagement outside BAT through mentorship programs and campus recruitment events. Her efforts have been recognized with awards, including being named a Top Employer, receiving the Golden Torch Award, and earning accolades for BAT's commitment to employees through HR Asia and Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards.

Priscila Cruz

Leaf Services, Technology and Capabilities manager
British American Tobacco

Recognizing the need for change, Priscila - Leaf Services, Technology and Capabilities Manager at British American Tobacco - spearheaded the creation of a women managers' group aimed at identifying gender disparities and fostering awareness. This initiative led to the establishment of "Inspiring Change," a dynamic cross-functional team that evolved organically, transcending hierarchical boundaries. As a key figure in "Inspiring Change," Priscila facilitated a SWOT analysis, crafted a comprehensive action plan, and galvanized leaders to support the movement. Her impactful work has left an indelible mark, with "Inspiring Change" expanding its scope to encompass overall diversity under the name "Inspiring People." Priscila's unwavering commitment is evident through her engagement in various corporate gender diversity groups at local, regional, and global levels, where she has served as a leader, co-responsible member, advisor, and board committee contributor.

Tamanna Gupta

Senior Solution Architect
Fidelity International Limited

Tamanna Gupta is a Senior Solution Architect at Fidelity International Limited. Tamanna's dedication to inclusivity shines through her involvement in the Uplift Programme, where she has played a pivotal role in discovering and nurturing talented delegates from diverse backgrounds. Her efforts have transformed the hiring landscape, enabling talented individuals, especially women from marginalized backgrounds, to thrive. Passionate about mentorship, Tamanna actively participates in programs such as MentorHer and the GNDP flagship initiatives , guiding and empowering women within the organization to achieve their fullest potential. Beyond the workplace, she champions empowerment on a larger scale through her LinkedIn group, "Shatter the Ceiling and Rise Up." Through this platform, Tamanna offers valuable guidance, addressing career inquiries and fostering skill development for aspiring professionals in technology.

Shareeka Meadows

Vice President, Divisional Merchandising Manager
Dollar General Corporation

Shareeka is the Vice President and Divisional Merchandising Manager at Dollar General Corporation. As former President and now Executive Sponsor of DG's African-American Employee Resource Group (AAERG), she fosters an inclusive culture that fuels growth and success. Shareeka oversees AAERG's initiatives, including enriching Lunch & Learn sessions, impactful Days of Service, and the annual AAERG Gala celebrating Black History Month. A pivotal member of DG's Diversity and Inclusion Council, Shareeka played a vital role in reforming the company's commitment to investing in diverse teams through empowerment and inclusion. With more than 80% of her team being women, she exemplifies her belief that inclusion enriches both employees' lives and the communities they serve. Recognized on Mass Market Retailer's Most Influential Women list, Shareeka's influence extends beyond her role. She participates in career fairs, symposiums, and community partnerships, attracting diverse talent, sharing her journey, and advancing Dollar General's D&I efforts.

Huijie Ma

AAD Lead Software Engineer
Jaguar Land Rover

Huijie is Chair of the Inclusion Council and holds leading forces from all networks in promoting D&I, created a forum for Gender Equality, Women in Engineering, and REACH network members to raise their issues and deliver improvements. She also constructed and maintained a DEI website to promote inclusion, unity forces, and drive actions. She delivered the Mother Nature Lockers initiative, which supplied free sanitary products, menopause support for all women in the factory; the project has rolled out to all plants. She presented multiple Lunch & Learns, i.e., Awards for women's work, and discuss Colourism. She gave public talks in D&I events. She also actively runs the Name Campaign, using her own story, to promote respect for a person's real name in breaking down barriers between people. She leads a women in engineering Career Progression work group. She also visits schools to provide career aspirational talks to tap into future talents.

Sabina Phillips

Payments Product Manager
The Co-operative Bank

Sabina Phillips, a Payments Product Manager at The Co-operative Bank, also serves as Chair of the Access Network, a group supporting colleagues with disabilities, mental health challenges, and caregiving duties. Under her guidance, the Access Network tackles various topics monthly, creating awareness, providing resources, and advocating for policy changes. Initiatives include discussing pregnancy loss, fertility challenges, menopause, mental health support, caregiving responsibilities, period stigma, endometriosis awareness, and neurodiversity. Sabina's proactive approach extends beyond discussions; she trained 16 Mental Health First Aiders to ensure comprehensive support for all colleagues. Addressing challenges women face, Sabina emphasizes the importance of caring responsibilities. Her commitment to cultivating inclusivity and support showcases her dedication to gender equality and well-being within the organization.

Zaria Parvez

Senior Global Social Media Manager

Duolingo's Global Social Media Manager, Zaria, has redefined social media strategies with her unique insights and intersectional background. As the youngest member of the marketing team, she catapulted Duolingo's TikTok following from 20K to an impressive 6.6 million. Her creative freedom and expertise transformed a test-and-learn initiative into Duolingo's most successful social buzz. Beyond Duo, she advocates for young, diverse talent in marketing, delivering inspirational talks at various organizations. Her presence at industry events like SXSW, OMR, and Vidcon sheds light on her experience as a young, first-gen Pakistani Muslim, showcasing the power of her identity in shaping her impactful work. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Zaria was awarded AdAge Social Marketer of the Year, Adweek Creative 100, and Forbes 30 Under 30. Zaria's journey exemplifies her dedication to uplifting underprivileged communities and reshaping marketing narratives

Emma Jaeger

Associate Director, Programmatic at Mindshare

Emma Jaeger, Associate Director, Programmatic at Mindshare, was pivotal in launching Mindshare Women's Private Marketplace (PMP), uniting women-owned and women-centered publishers into a single inclusion list. Emma's work enables Mindshare's investment teams to allocate advertising funds to women-centric publishers, addressing vital topics such as civil rights, healthcare, and news. Emma helped launch the PMPs with clients such as TJX and Tyson Foods, empowering women-centered publishers while yielding results for clients. A passionate advocate, Emma fosters a supportive environment and serves as a mentor for women pursuing careers in programmatic advertising. Her dedication to her team is evident; in her guidance to a junior employee on their work in growing Mindshare's LGBTQ private marketplace. Emma also conducts learning and development sessions, enhancing the expertise of new hires on the programmatic team.