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As Executive Sponsor of Women@Audible, Audible’s largest global impact group with chapters in the US, UK and DE, Susan champions women in business and guides future leaders in their commitment to career development. In leading Audible in nine marketplaces outside the US, Susan and her team have been intentional and purposeful with their responsibility as a content creator. In the past year, they increased their multi-million dollar fund designed to identify, produce and elevate local, diverse voices. Every International Audible marketplace delivered highly-rated, award-winning Original titles under this initiative. In addition to her work for Audible, Susan serves as Executor of the Christine Schneider Scholarship, part of NYU Stern’s Breakthrough Scholars Leadership Program. This four-year undergraduate initiative helps make college accessible to students from a diverse range of backgrounds, and offers cohort-based leadership workshops that complement extracurricular support and career development resources.