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WPP Taiwan’s culture of diversity has led to a 70% female workforce, and 60% of WPP Taiwan’s leadership are women. Therefore, Shenan’s focus has shifted to supporting her female staff members. In 2018, Shenan and her team established the Stella Community, composed of nearly 40 senior women leaders. Shenan also joined an organisation of female leaders, the Taiwan Women on Boards Association (WOB), becoming Supervising Director of the Executive Board. WOB’s key missions are to raise Taiwanese society’s awareness of the substantial business contributions of female leaders; to influence the government on a wide range of policies; to increase the percentage of women on boards of directors; and to build international networks. WPP Taiwan supported WOB in hosting an anniversary forum in Kaohsiung this year, attended by city government officials and female business leaders. Shenan was a keynote speaker at this successful event, which will now tour major cities around the island. Shenan’s team will present the 2019 Taiwan WPP Thought Leadership event on “Women in the Digital Age” on August 20th in Taipei. WPP’s most recent survey, on how Taiwanese women use digital devices in their lives, finds that technology empowers them to be confident and pragmatic, but they are concerned about privacy. On May 17, 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legally recognize same-sex marriage.  As Taiwan’s leading communication group, WPP Taiwan gave impetus to LGBT rights in our inaugural thought leadership campaign on the subject of Millennials in Taiwan in 2018.

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