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Felicia’s startup, Akoni, has committed to maintaining a minimum gender balance within the firm’s employees through the Tech Charter, restates this commitment in any grant funding applications and actively pursues a gender balanced recruitment approach. Felicia mentors young women in business and supports a range of public initiatives including speaking relating to Innovate Finance’s Schools and Girls initiatives. She actively promotes women in business with Hambro Perks, a startup hub which directly engages entrepreneurs and is a role model for younger team members as a way to actively encourage young girls and women to enter into the tech and startup space. Externally, Felicia speaks on panels and podcasts about gender equality. She has been featured in Forbes on normalising female leadership and on Women in Business radio hour discussing issues around the lack of diversity in the workforce. Earlier this year Felicia won the FDM Everywoman in Tech Woman of the Year award, adding to a list of prestigious awards for women in fintech. She is also Co-founder of a group which helps mentor younger female entrepreneurs.

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