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After joining KPMG’s Network of Women (KNOW) in 2014, Sarah became the National Co-Chair in 2021. She is also the Chair of the Leeds network, where she drives events covering important but often overlooked topics such as impostor syndrome and the menopause, as well as tackling issues around women’s safety. Sarah represents KNOW on the MyLeeds committee which runs events for International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Week. She hosted KPMG’s flagship International Women’s Day 2021 event which saw over 800 attendees globally. In her Performance Leader role, Sarah actively challenges leadership to consider diversity, leading to the recent promotion of three women to Director roles, where previously there was no female representation. She was also responsible for arranging for KPMG Leeds to support Smart Works, a national charity which helps women to re-enter the workplace after an absence or due to difficult background circumstances by providing clothing, coaching and interview preparation.