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Sarah is a driving force behind Balance – MUFG’s gender diversity employee network. Balance has seen employee engagement and awareness gather significant momentum since its launch. Sarah’s ability to engage male champions of the gender agenda has also led to a sea change in company culture, with employees understanding that male inclusion is a key factor to successfully progressing gender diversity effectively.  Sarah has built a gender-balanced leadership team alongside an impressive network of supporters by being a visible, outspoken and active ambassador for gender diversity. Sarah has make a concentrated effort to mentor other women in financial services. She has also worked to raise awareness of diversity issues in her previous roles at JP Morgan Chase & Co, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. As a mentor to a number of women at MUFG and other financial institutions, she actively utilises her extensive network to assist other women in seeking new roles, particularly post redundancy. Sarah has also been involved in a programme which saw her visiting sixth form female students and promoting the finance sector, and takes part in a Senior Women’s Network hosted by KPMG.