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Richard believes in positive, direct action led by empowered individuals. He was named one of thirty ‘Male Agents of Change’ challenging gender inequality by the Women’s Business Council & Management Today. He actively motivates his team to directly impact diversity through pro-bono work across fifteen diversity & inclusivity organisations including: managing the ‘Be Awesome Night School’ for women; helping scale up the Women’s Sport Trust; and supporting Creative Equals many events for female professionals. Externally, Richard creates time to champion women, with pioneering networks such as Creative Equals, Token Man, and as an advisor to the Women’s Sports Trust and BAME2020. SheSays, the ground-breaking global network for women in creativity & tech invited him to become their first male SuperMomma, and he is an Ambassador for The Marketing Academy Foundation. Richard speaks at industry-leading conferences to champion women such as Creative Equals Leaders and both Management Today’s Inspiring Women conferences in Edinburgh and London. He mentors over a dozen people at any one time through WhosYourMomma, NABS, SheSays and Magnificent Generation, while further afield he champions and upskills creatively gifted school students struggling in mainstream education as Vice-Chair and Trustee of the award-winning Ideas Foundation.

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