Rakesh successfully sponsored the launch of Project DARE (Developing, Attracting, Retaining and Engaging talented women @ RB) to implement a more systematic approach to ensure the number of women at middle management and senior levels more closely mirrored the population of women across the business. He has introduced extended parental leave and working from home policies to allow for flexible lifestyles, and a ‘stay in touch’ programme, whereby employees who go on maternity leave can stay in touch with the company. For parents to be, he promoted webinars before and after maternity leave, to help with balancing a family and a job.  In addition, he has sponsored a mentoring program, to allow talented women in the organisation to have a mentor to support and sponsor them. He also promoted fair gender representation for external hires, so that there is mandated diversity in candidate lists. As a father of a girl, Rakesh is very committed to tackling unconscious bias and championing women in and outside of the workplace, and has set a company target to double the number of talented women at RB by 2020.

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