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Rachel designed, delivered and now sponsors BT TechWomen, which in its 4th year has delivered a year-long development journey for 970 women across BT and has created an alumni network of 1,595 women. 67% of the participants have moved into bigger roles and local cultural barriers to women’s progression in the UK and India are being addressed. A core element of BT TechWomen is their 2-way pact, with more experienced members mentoring more junior women, engaging in STEM outreach initiatives in schools and university, and supporting the recruitment of female apprentices and graduates. Rachel also launched the Reignite programme with TechWomen India, focussed on building confidence and helping women return to work after a career break. Beyond BT, Rachel is Chair of the board of FACT, the Foundation of Arts & Creative Technology that has a strong diversity policy and social engagement programme. 45% of the board are now women and FACT have recently appointed their first female CEO. FACT runs a number of learning and engagement programmes providing access to digital art, media and tech skills for over 2,800 women for 1,600 young girls each year.

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