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Jo is a creative director, which is rare given that only 12% of creative directors in advertising are female. A large part of this imbalance stems from a lack of female role models in the creative industries because, as the saying goes: if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. Therefore, Jo is an outspoken advocate for female talent and regularly mentors female creative teams. She also regularly speaks at events, on panels, podcasts and in industry press, and hosts in-house events with an equal representation of female role models. Externally, Jo collaborated to create an exhibition called ‘There’s a Good Girl’ which celebrated and showcased 20 women artists (the first all-women exhibition), including Alison Jackson, Sara Pope, Pam Glew and Hattie Stewart. The exhibition received wide-ranging press attention, featuring in The Independent, The Sunday Times Style Magazine, and on BBC Radio amongst others. For the past four years Jo has run the popular, non-profit event called ‘Good Girls Eat Dinner’ which has one simple mission: provide kick-a$$ female role models across the creative industry and beyond. Speakers to date include Cathy Newman (CH 4 News), Amanda Foster (Hollywood Stuntwoman), Lisa Smorsarski (Editor in Chief, Stylist Magazine) and many more.

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