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As part of the D&I TaskForce within EY Luxembourg, Patrícia has been working to promote inclusion and equality amongst the workforce. Beginning back in February 2020 with the advent of the Covid pandemic, the TaskForce asked its employees to share their views on D&I. Then on International Women’s Day 2021 women within the organization were asked to share the successes they enjoyed throughout their careers. Patrícia is currently involved in the committee organizing the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, to ensure equal representation and raise awareness of LGBT+ inclusion. She and her team are also organizing a diversity day event, where they will share with their external community the ways they have been supporting companies throughout Europe to move the dial on their inclusion agenda. The TaskForce is also working together with EY’s talent team to prepare D&I metrics and a roadmap to measure their work.