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Jennifer joined LSEG to support Talent Development in the Americas, but quickly stepped forward to offer support to the Women’s Inclusion Network and broader D&I efforts. In 2019 Jennifer established a partnership with the Ellevate Network, securing over 50 memberships for LSEG women in 2020, which allowed them to participate in hundreds of career development events, including cross-company mentoring. Her other biggest achievements have included co-developing a global Breaking the Bias course, which featured women’s stories of bias as course audio recordings; identifying women for executive coaching and leadership development programs, which led to promotions or expanded roles in several instances; and serving as the global Workplace Choice Co-Lead, a role through which she developed flexible working policies with a particular focus on attracting and supporting female talent. After serving as a mentor to several women at LSEG, Jennifer was nominated in 2020 for the Inspirational Mentor of the Year award.