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Patricia is executive sponsor of BALANCE, HSBC’s ERG dedicated to supporting the recruitment, development and engagement of a gender-balanced workforce. BALANCE gained enormous visibility last year as many initiatives materialised into concrete actions with impressive results. Patricia is actively working to strengthen mentoring and sponsorship relationships and has challenged BALANCE to organise monthly meet-ups with executive leaders. This initiative is underway, with video conferences including diverse senior female leaders to act as visible role models. Patricia is also inviting women from across HSBC to join her at monthly roundtables as a way of supporting professional development globally. She is mentoring two future women leaders and continues to sponsor top performing women in her area to take leadership programmes in recognized institutions. In addition, Patricia launched the ‘Mujeres al Mundo (Women in the World)’ initiative, aiming to connect businesswomen with new markets and opportunities. As part of the initiative, Patricia included ‘Female Leadership’ as a category in the HSBC-La Nación SME Awards, with over 400 applications from women leading Argentine companies. She also led the first ‘Women in Business’ chapter in a commercial mission to the UK, organised by the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce. She often speaks at events on gender diversity and participates in panels and roundtables.

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