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Under Olly’s leadership, Accenture has embedded diversity across all HR processes; recruitment, development and performance. He is a coach and mentor to several senior women and in recent years has overseen many initiatives to support women’s development in the workplace. These include refocusing Accenture’s Women’s network to an inclusive Gender network, resulting in greater engagement from men in Accenture-run programmes, and normalising their market-leading Shared Parental Leave (SPL) provision in 2015, which has seen 350+ applicants since its inception. He also championed the creation of Accenture’s 50:50 gender-equal culture. Olly is highly committed to the success and promotion of Accenture’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, which have seen over 100K users of the firm’s Skills to Succeed Academy and taken more than 840 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through their Movement to Work Programme since 2014. All employees are encouraged to contribute to their local communities, with 3,250 UKI employees using 42,000 volunteering hours in the last financial year. Under Olly’s leadership, Accenture has put a huge focus on the talent agenda; sponsoring 14 University Women’s Societies, 46 school events and mentoring over 80 SME women CEOs through their business mentoring programmes.

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