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David has made it his mission to change the culture at Clifford Chance. He chairs a group aiming to address the firm’s diversity issues relating to gender.  The group persuaded the firm’s management to publish all pay gap data, including partners, plus data on ethnicity, sexuality and disability pay gaps as well as gender. David has championed a series of initiatives to promote diversity, including a successful pilot of reverse mentoring; designated partners at every meeting where pay or promotion is discussed, charged with ensuring gender diversity is respected; a network of ‘inclusion advocates’ trained to help and support those facing harassment issues; equalising the firm’s shared parental leave package; and refreshing and relaunching the firm’s women’s group as a global gender parity network.  David has spoken at a series of partner events to make sure that every one of Clifford Chance’s 150+ London partners is aware of the importance of D&I and of the great damage that sexist behaviour and harassment can present. Externally, David supports and encourages academic research in D&I, particularly Jill Armstrong of Murray Edwards College Cambridge. He has attended many events promoted by Women’s groups to try and deliberately be the only man in a room full of women, in order to understand the minority experience and promote male advocacy. David also supports Tender, a charity dedicated to reducing domestic violence.

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