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Michele’s organization has 70% female representation with 45% in leadership roles. As chair of the Vietnam’s people’s agenda, the focus on DEI, CSR and New Ways of Working resonates across the organization of 1550 employees that participated in 30 events through the year. More broadly, Michele is also senior Bank sponsor of SCB’s global coaching program – IGNITE that target mid-level females as they progress their leadership journey. The program has coached 650 females (21% of total female population) across 53 countries. For the Vietnamese community SCB’s commitment of female empowerment through various local partners NGO’s, Chambers of Commerce, clients and vendors impact ethnic minority students to executive / entrepreneurs providing thought leadership, toolkits and financial education that augments female participation in society and business. Michele is vocally advocates for all DEI through media and panel discussions and is recognized by Top 100 women in Fintech 2022 and Heroes for the 2nd consecutive year.