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For three years, Melisa chaired the BALANCE ERG at HSBC Argentina, which is dedicated to supporting the recruitment, development and engagement of a gender-balanced workforce. She has built a team structure with four working groups and designated champions to execute multiple initiatives simultaneously, creating new leadership and development opportunities. Main initiatives carried out during her mandate includes workshops with parents and children, meet-ups with senior executive women, workshops for female entrepreneurs in low-income neighborhoods alongside credit support to boost their projects, and training on unconscious biases and domestic violence. Melisa is also co-founder of ‘Mujeres al Mundo’, HSBC program aimed at accelerating women’s inclusion by providing training, networking, mentoring and financial services, which has already impacted on more than 400 businesswomen. Through her work, she believes each day is taking a step to fulfill a greater purpose, contributing to create an environment in which everyone has equal opportunities and rights.

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