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Virgin Money aim to make ‘Everyone Better Off’, an ethos based on fairness to all their stakeholders they have been pursuing for 10 years. Matt leads from the front on this agenda in the company. In relation to gender equality, they have committed to achieving balance at all levels of the company, which includes increasing male representation in more junior levels and increasing female representation in senior positions. Their target is to be 50/50 by 2020 at all levels. He focuses on creating a culture which encourages flexible working, enhances capability of managers, and delivers enabling technology. Innovative approaches such as a new policy committed to matching existing flexible working practices of senior applicants to attract female talent, and introducing a “Baby App” enabling colleagues on maternity leave to keep in touch, are just two examples of Matt’s work. He has been integral to developing Virgin Money’s leading approach to reporting and addressing the gender pay gap. Maternity mentoring has also been introduced under Matt’s leadership – he was the first mentor to sign up to the programme. Externally, he speaks at a variety of events and regularly contributes to articles on the importance of gender parity.