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As Executive Director of People, Maria champions the representation of women within Selfridges by focusing on the cross-sectional data of female talent and creating more inclusive opportunities for female team members, particularly those from underrepresented and minority groups. In 2021, Maria set a target to increase female leadership in ‘Director positions’ to 50%, which was surpassed in 2022 (hitting 51%), while also increasing the number of female leaders from ethnic minorities in leadership roles. In 2021 and 2022, she created educational training for managers on Inclusivity, Menopause, and Mental Health. In March 2022, she hosted team panel discussions with ‘Fertility Matters at Work’ and launched the ‘Fertility and Neonatal loss policy.’ Furthermore, Maria has introduced new D&I Terms of Business for all partner recruitment agencies, where every candidate shortlist must be 50% female. Moreover, she has been sponsoring careers events that promote Black women within the Tech space and has mentored on Diversity in the Retail’s Global Female Leaders program.