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MaameYaa acts as a reverse mentor for the Global Managing partner of Allen & Overy, a relationship she uses to submit recommendations to the board of A&O on changes that can be made to increase the number of women at senior levels. She presented 10 ideas to the board and received overwhelming support for these ideas to be implemented. She uses reverse mentoring to improve conditions for those who might not be able to have a voice in such forums. MaameYaa offers mentoring to younger women in the profession and regularly hosts lunches for new parents at A&O. Externally, she has assisted a number of Saudi organisations in recruiting women into positions of influence. She regularly conducts interviews and reviews CVs, and holds bi-annual dinners for Saudi women professionals in Riyadh. She also holds bi-weekly catch up calls with a number of Saudi females with the aim of pushing and progressing talent. Additionally, she established a programme in London called Raising Aspirations, aiming to inspire young talented deprived BAME women and men in Tower Hamlets and beyond.

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