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In January, Lucie launched her own advertising and branding agency, The Inclusive Branding Agency, with a mission to help brands be more inclusive and representative in their workforce and marketing. She selects clients based on the company’s gender make-up and on the inclusivity impact of the projects. Prior to this, she spent two years working for Brides do Good, a social enterprise that sells wedding dresses to fund charities fighting child marriage, where she was in charge of marketing and also worked on recruitment. At Brides do Good, Lucie cast ethnic minority models and ensured there was LGBT+ representation in online and social media assets in an industry which typically lacks diversity. She developed language to be inclusive of all sexual orientations, and she implemented a fair process of intern recruitment. Five years ago, while working at Burberry, Lucie founded Women in Foreign Policy, an organisation that provides career advice and access to girls and women who want to pursue and develop a career in foreign policy, which she still runs today. As of 2018, the organisation has helped at least 500 women find jobs in foreign policy, including graduates from underrepresented backgrounds. The community has grown to over 100,000 since expanding to cities including Washington, Delhi, Toronto and Sydney. Additionally, Lucie works as En Marche’s representative in Northern Europe. She is also part of an internal working group on strategies to encourage women to run for office and devises ways to support them once they are campaigning.

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